Nature Conservation Act | Where did the city center’s concern about getting trees for sale come from? Official: “I didn’t come up with this myself”

Tiina Vuoristo, head of sustainable development of the forest industry’s interest organization, is not aware that anyone from the Forest Industry has suggested that forest companies should not dare to buy trees from areas where endangered habitat types have been identified.

Center has justified his departure from the government’s common line in the Nature Conservation Act by taking care to protect property.

The government previously had a position on the Nature Conservation Act that was also approved by the center. However, in the environmental committee on Tuesday, the representatives of the center allied themselves with the opposition and demanded that two sections be changed.

The government’s actions against the traditional rules of the game enraged the government partners and stalled the government’s work.

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Chairman of the center Annika Saarikko said on Wednesday to STT, that the concerns related to the Nature Conservation Act and the protection of property were revealed in the committee hearings. After this, according to him, the party considered it justified to change certain sections in the parliament.

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I– and the head of the unit of the Ministry of Forestry Vilppu Talvitie however, tells HS that he himself has conveyed the concern expressed by the forest sector to the governing parties already in May of this year.

However, the concern raised by Talvitie was not made public at the time, and no body or party appealed to the matter. Instead, the government gave it to the parliament in May a unanimous motion nature conservation act. So it also had the support of the center at that time.

On Tuesday, after the environmental committee’s vote, centrists explained that they were afraid that the law would result in protection without compensation. For example, the representative of the center Anne Kalmarin by the landowners were “really scared”.

The concern of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and also of the center was that large forest companies would no longer want to buy wood from areas where endangered habitat types listed in the decree have been identified.

Why did the concern about getting the trees for sale become public only now – and who has actually been concerned about it?

Forest industry ry’s head of sustainable development Tiina Vuoriston according to him, he himself has not been in contact with Talvitiehi regarding the purchase concerns. He also does not know that anyone from the Forestry Industry has suggested that forest companies would not dare to buy trees from areas where endangered habitats have been identified.

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According to Vuoristo, the position of Metsäindustriil has always been that the application of the sections of the Act on Endangered Forest Types is unclear, so it is not possible to assess the effects of the Act. According to the interest watchdog, matters concerning, for example, zoning should be decided directly in the relevant law – not in the Nature Conservation Act.

The forest industry also expressed its concern about the lack of clarity in its statement in May. However, the statement does not mention that Metsäteollisuus is concerned that the law would have an impact on the purchase decision of forest companies. According to Vuoristo, the position of Metsäindustriil has always been the one that was brought out in the statement.

MMM’s According to Talvitie, the concern and fear of the law’s effects on forest companies’ purchasing decisions has emerged in the background discussions he has had with several parties in the forest sector.

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What are these entities?

“I can’t give an exact answer. The matter has come to light during the past year in various discussions. I didn’t come up with this myself, but after talking to several people, I came up with this picture.”

According to Talvitie, “forestry companies have to protect their public image in the age of social media”. Due to the reputational risk, forest companies would not dare to buy forest from areas with endangered habitats.

An endangered habitat is not the same as a protected area.

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