Nature A huge water statue appeared on the Cuban coast: the video shows a rare natural phenomenon

Despite its large size, the vortex was not known to cause material damage.

In southern Cuba Residents of the town of Cienfuegos in Wien were able to witness a rare natural phenomenon on Saturday when a large water statue rose in front of the town, according to Reuters.

A whirlwind of tens of meters high was visible in the sky for about ten minutes in the afternoon.

The compilation video associated with this article shows videos of the vortex filmed by locals.

Water vortex arises when a body of water forms a high funnel-shaped and cloud-like vortex by the force of the wind. Lower water vortices can also occur at the junctions of currents flowing in different directions.

Despite its large size, the whirlwind seen in Cuba was not known to cause any material damage, Reuters reports. Water eddies cannot move to earth, so they are not as dangerous as ordinary hurricanes.

However, water eddies can damage ships or aircraft that hit them.


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