Natural roof A plant mucus called “sea eagle” takes over Turkish coasts: kills Sea creatures and corals

According to experts, the increase in mucus is due to air pollution and climate change.

Sea of ​​Marmara is an inland sea connecting the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. However, according to experts, it threatens to turn from the inland to an inland desert if Turkish and world leaders do not take swift climate action.

This spring, Istanbul residents, marine biologists and fishermen have come across a worrying sight: the surface of the Marmara Sea is covered under a layer of brown slime.

The mucus called “sea urchin” was first detected in Turkey as early as 2007, according to the British newspaper The Guardian. This year, however, mucus has occupied an exceptionally large area, threatening the entire Marmara Sea ecosystem.

“During our childhood, there was a very rich ecosystem here. Until a year ago, there was a rich ecosystem here. Now the situation is bad, ”says the marine biologist Barış Özalp says CNN in a video interview.

Merirään ” caused by a natural disaster progressing in layers, suffocating the marine population.

First, a thick layer of mucus covers the surface of the sea, leaving underwater species without enough light and oxygen. Gradually the mucus breaks down, and eventually the bog layer settles to the bottom of the sea.

There, the mucus takes oxygen from other organisms and clings to corals and seafood. Once the shell has opened its shell, it can no longer close.

Researchers according to the increase in sea urchin is primarily due to human activities. Climate change has raised the temperature in the Marmara Sea, and increased emissions have led to eutrophication of a small inland sea.

“I think nature spit in our faces,” a professor at Istanbul University Bayram Öztürk responds to a CNN reporter when he asks how a marine biologist sees a plant mucus.

Saving marine diversity would require rapid environmental and climate action. According to The Guardian, the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) has proposed that Turkey set up a committee to investigate the mucus phenomenon. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğanin however, the government has already rejected the proposal.



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