Natural disasters Ruined houses, collapsed roads and stray cars – Image compilation shows the devastation caused by floods in Germany and Belgium

Devastating heavy rains struck West Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Heavy rain has caused the tributaries of the Rhine passing through Germany to flood exceptionally badly.

The storm has hit the states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate the worst. Heavy rains have also caused extensive damage in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Friday morning was known already a total of more than 90 deaths in Germany and Belgium.

Aerial view of the flooded streets of Valkenburg, the Netherlands.

Rescue workers climbed from the roof of their car into a flooded house in Trier, Germany, on Thursday.

The man walked with the baby in Hognoul, Belgium on Thursday.

Heavy floods have carried even large things and objects from one place to another. The car in the picture leaned against a fence in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany, on Thursday.

After the storm and floods, rescue workers took a break on a bench in a village in the Ahrweiler area of ​​Germany.

The man stood in the ruins of his home in a village in the Ahrweiler region of Germany on Thursday.

The man walked towards the destroyed houses in Schuld, Germany, on Thursday.

The German Ruhr River was full to the brim on Thursday.

Cars had piled up at a roundabout in Verviers, Belgium on Thursday.

Destroyed road between the municipalities of Insul and Schuld in Germany.

Flooded area in Schuld, Germany on Thursday.

Members of the Austrian rescue team use boats in the floodplain of Pepinster, Belgium.

Residents collected sandbags after heavy rains in Erftstadt, Germany on Friday.

Destroyed building in Erftstadt, Germany.

Rescue team inspects a car that has been flooded in Erftstadt, Germany

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