Natural disasters 130 floods have already died in Europe, more than a thousand people are missing – a dam broke in Germany

In Germany, at least 1,300 people are still missing.

Extensive floods are affecting Germany and Belgium, for example. In Germany, 1,300 people are missing from one region alone.

Floods caused by rare heavy rains have claimed nearly 110 lives in Germany. He is dead in Belgium at least 23 people. In total, at least 130 people have died in Europe.

The Belgian city of Verviers imposed a curfew on Friday between nine in the evening and in the morning to prevent robberies.

In southwestern Germany, Ahrweiler district, there was no information on the whereabouts of about 1,300 people on Friday night.

German Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz said on Friday night that the German government is providing both financial and material support to the floodplains. Scholz told Germany to the broadcaster ZDFthat the flood zone actually looks worse than the pictures.

He emphasizes in the interview that the devastated areas need to be repaired and rebuilt as soon as possible.

According to the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, about 15,000 rescue workers are working on the flood damage. Rescue workers continue to search for missing people in Germany.

Aerial view of a floodplain in the province of Valkenburg in the Netherlands on Friday.

GERMAN in the western part, a dam in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has broken due to floods and evacuations have been initiated by the authorities. German newspapers, among others, report on the matter Bild, Tagesspiel and Focus as well as a U.S. news channel CNN.

Following the rupture of a dam along the Ruhr River, floodwaters threaten the Ophoven district in Wassenberg and rescue authorities have begun evacuating about 700 residents, the Cologne regional administration says on Twitter.

According to CNN, authorities fear that other dams are in danger of rupture and that the condition of the dam basins in the area will be closely monitored.

German media said on Friday that 12 people have died in a dormitory for the severely handicapped in Sinzig in Rhineland-Palatinate. Bild magazine according to the CEO of the dormitory interviewed, the night nurse was in a neighboring building but did not have time to help the residents.

“At the request of the fire department, the dwelling building should have been evacuated. But when the employee came to the scene, a flood wave struck and he couldn’t help it, ”he said.



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