Naked woman smashed a bar and threw bottles at police officers

In Florida, USA, a naked woman smashed a bar and threw bottles at police officers before they used a stun gun and detained her. Writes about this Daily Mail.

As the newspaper writes with reference to the message of the local sheriff, 53-year-old Tina Kindred behaved “uncontrollably”, turned tables, climbed naked on the bar, and then began to destroy the bar, throwing bottles of drinks on the floor and breaking them. Police arrived at the scene, in which Tina threw at least three bottles, one of them hit the officer’s hand.

Law enforcement officers managed to stop the violent woman using a stun gun. A medical examination did not reveal any drugs in her body, but it is noted that she was found to have a fentanyl patch, which has anesthetic effect, in the pubic region. Tina Kindred is charged with aggravated battery and several thousand dollars in damages.

Earlier, in Podolsk near Moscow, a man broke into a store to rob him, organized a pogrom, and after the arrival of visitors he handed them beer. The attacker threatened the seller with a knife and demanded to give him alcohol. The store employee escaped through the back door, after which the robber began to scatter the goods lying on the shelves, and then, finding an object similar to an ax, smashed the cash register and shop windows. At that moment, visitors entered the store, and the man began to give them beer for free, after which he said goodbye in a friendly way and continued the destruction of the outlet.

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