Nails for the bride: all the trends of 2021

Fashion, trends, ceremony and much more: all the updates regarding weddings and weddings. The bride’s nails are the detail that gives the whole look cohesion and elegance. Here are all the tips for models and styles for this fall 2021: from natural style, nude to details with glitter, lace and so on.

For the Preparation of marriage, everything must be thought out in detail. With this column all possible and unimaginable situations will be addressed: details and accessories of the outfit, traditions, customs and small ideas for an unforgettable wedding. For the fortune of the bride, here are all the tips for the make up of the bride.

All the tips on the best wedding nails

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Now inevitable, the nails for the bride are the icing on the cake, the touch par excellence that guarantees elegance and cohesion to the whole look. In addition to the many attentions to be had cure, the nails will be the color and light of the hands. However, what are the trends for next fall 2021? Among the various looks and models, the most chosen and always appreciated is the natural.

In this new year, the simplicity and the naturalness of the bride are tar the most important things. As well as for makeup in general, the various types of nude, flesh pink and powder pink nails are among the simple ones match but also those that guarantee excellence right away. these type of nails are particularly suitable for one simple bride who does not want to exaggerate during the day of his ceremony.

The same enamel effect nude gives the bride perfect nails to empathize with any type of dress or hairstyle. In any case, for those looking for a result that lasts over time, the nail technician remains the only one to rely on. With this technique you will get the bridal nails in gel and if necessary also rebuilt perfectly.

In this case, we are already referring to that bride who desires to dare a little more in this vintage. In fact, on the model it is also possible to request different details exclusively reserved for weddings and suitable for your own personality. The lace effect, the various floral motifs and the glitter will be among the most recommended items. In short, which among the advice Was it more useful to you?

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If you are planning your wedding, or are welcoming some ideas about it, keep following all of them updates. During our guides many topics are touched on the wedding. Traditions, fashion, trends, cultures, locations, news, advice and much more.

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