Myanmar | The military coup has collapsed Myanmar’s health care

Most public hospitals are closed or under military control.

Myanmar the health care system has collapsed since the coup attempt, Doctors Without Borders says in a statement.

According to the organization, all parties to the coup in Myanmar should ensure unhindered access to health care for the region.

The military seized power in Myanmar on February 1, after which citizens ’access to comprehensive health care has deteriorated significantly.

Doctors Without Borders says many public hospitals are still closed or under military control. Open hospitals, on the other hand, are unable to treat all patients due to lack of resources and staff strikes.

Release according to Myanmarians will have to choose between a paid private clinic and military-supervised clinics. There are no guarantees for the safety of patients in military-supervised hospitals, especially those who took part in the demonstrations.

The military also restricts the activities of NGOs. Among other things, security forces have banned a clinic backed by Doctors Without Borders from handling protesters.

In addition to patient safety, nursing staff are also at risk. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health care facilities and personnel have been attacked 179 times since the coup began. At least 13 people have died in the attacks.



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