Music | UMK will move from Turku to Tampere, the competitors will be announced at the beginning of January

UMK leaves Turku behind and moves to Tampere for bigger designs.

In February we are looking for someone to fill the big boots, because for this year’s Eurovision runner-up For the wrapper we are looking for a successor in Tampere.

Yle tells about the place of the seven contestants competing in the New Music Competition (UMK) held at the Tampere arena. In recent years, UMK has been organized in Turku’s Logomo, but now UMK will be moved to an arena that attracts many times more people.

According to Yle, the contestants will be announced on January 10 and the songs on different days during January.

“There is a ysäri-dancer by an artist making his debut, a powerful song by a singer with a wonderful voice, perhaps the best song of an indie favorite’s career, a surprising duet by two famous artists with a hard beat, an explosive rock anthem from a band touring the world, a really intense song from one of the most listened-to artists of the moment, and a well-known a club-banger to be raised by an artist”, says YleX’s music manager and chairman of the UMK jury in the press release Tapio Hakanen.

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According to Hakanen, the music coverage is energetic.

“It must be the spirit of the times, I think 4-5 years ago there were a lot of melancholic ballads, now we go with a more energetic feeling,” he tells STT.

Professional jury search for UMK’s “best song” among the 419 songs sent to the competition.

“Well, what makes the best song? That’s the hook. The chorus or similar main hook is the core of everything in a pop song, which has to be really strong. And the whole must be strong: production, lyrics, composition and vocal performance.”

In addition, the performer must be able to perform in the show – both at UMK and at the huge Eurovision Song Contest.

“There has to be a certain assessment that the artists are mentally and vocally capable of clearing it and that there is a team around them. Yle gives a lot of support, but if you think about the press and social media, for example, it’s a big mess.”

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UMK’s winner will represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden, from 7 to 11 May 2024.

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