Music | Trio Niskalaukaus separated its members, and the uproar was ready – This is where the biggest problems arise when bands break up

Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus fired their drummer, and there is currently no information on further consequences. On a general level, history shows that the situations of firing a band member can be more complicated than what is first revealed to the public.

Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus fired their drummer, who was part of the original line-up Seppo Pohjolainen last week.

Pohjolainen had been in Trio Niskalaukais, one of the pioneers of Finnish-language heavy rock, from the beginning, i.e. since 1996.

There was an uproar over the separation.

The 61-year-old drummer said on his Facebook page that he excitedly went to the ABC gas station for a band meeting, hoping to “finally” hear about a new recording project. The band has last released albums in 2017 and 2020.

“Then there was a blow in the face and I was fired from the band. Yes, we will recover from this, but it will take time.”

Several fans expressed their dismay on various platforms, and the issue was soon discussed in traditional media as well.

Band justified the dismissal on Sunday on his own Facebook pages in a long text.

The band admits that during their comeback in 2017, the front image of the band Timo Rautiainen said in several interviews that this is the lineup that will continue until the end.

The band emphasizes that it does not want to “blackmail anyone”, but states in the same lines that the band is not a sheltered workplace where you can behave “as you please”.

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“The problems that ended the collaboration have been present for years, but to an increasing extent in the last few years,” the band writes.

“The majority of these incidents affecting the decision happened after the gigs later in the evening, when we were still without technicians among the five of us. There were several of them on the spring tour.”

Seppo Pohjolainen was the drummer of Trio Niskalaukaus since 1996.

Is it are there still unfinished contractual technical issues in the sack or is everything already clear? There is no information about it at this stage. Timo Rautiainen did not answer HS’s call request on Monday afternoon.

However, the history of music shows that the situations of firing a band member can be more complicated than what is first revealed to the public. The causes and consequences have been discussed in public sometimes even years later, no matter what About Nightwish soloist changes or Night band of the dismissals of some members over the decades.

In general, it can be said that in most cases similar cases have been fought over trademark rights or income from canceled gigs.

Timo Rautiainen &a Trio Niskalaukaus considered the separation time to be right now, because now “there are no scheduled performances and no material for the next album”. Therefore, there is no need to pay the drummer for the canceled gigs.

Even if everything goes legally correctly, the uproar has also sometimes been increased by the fact that there has been a lack of awareness on both sides about what kind of employment the musician has been in.

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This is due to the fact that situations and practices vary from initially very informal associations of amateur musicians to professionally managed joint stock companies.

Law in itself is the same for everyone.

In a possible limited liability company, the operation is determined by the Limited Liability Companies Act. At one time, for example, Children of Bodom organized its internationally successful operations into a corporate form, and the members said they had verified during one dismissal case, that statutory verbal and legal warnings were given for neglect of duties before firing.

The Apulanta group, which founded the joint-stock company, has also said the same In the rhythm manual interview own doctrines about separations.

They included a thorough handling of the matter in discussions, a genuine opportunity to defend oneself and the timing of the dismissal for a break after the recording and related gigs, as well as a small “golden handshake” that helps the musician move forward.

Dex entertainment says that the band Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus is not organized as a company, and the composition of the gigs is an internal matter of the band.

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“All it depends on what kind of contracts have been made”, reminds the trustee of the freelancers of the Musicians’ Association Juho Viljanen.

Gigs and tour jobs are mostly temporary work for a freelance musician. But even then, it must be clear who the employer is: is it the joint stock company, the artist paying for the musician’s work or, for example, the program agency.

“You often find an employer by following the money. It is necessary to find out who, for example, has taken care of the pension payments”, reminds the lawyer Lottaliina Pokkinenwho wrote about it in his book Musician’s contract guide.

“On a general level, you can say that if you trust in friendship and have not agreed on things in writing, there will be word-for-word situations and ambiguities will backfire later. Professionally, these should be taken care of, and there are many contractual ways to do that”, contract manager of the Musicians’ Association Mirkka Kivilehto resemble.

Timo Rautiainen revived Trio Niskalaukaus in 2017 after a break of about 13 years.

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