Music TMZ: Kanye West lives in the stadium

The release of the rapper’s album was delayed, and now he is finalizing it at the stadium. The debut of the album was celebrated in the same place last week.

Plasterer Kanye West has moved to live in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, USA, says TMZ entertainment media.

According to TMZ, the stadium will serve as the rapper’s home until he gets his tenth album released.

According to TMZ sources, West and his group have created a studio space for the stadium. They even have their own chef who prepares food for them. Atlanta is the birthplace of Kanye West.

Kanye West has been known for arranging debuts for his fans. Such was held last Thursday in that arena. About 42,000 people had come to listen to what West’s upcoming album sounds like.

The album was to be released the day after the event, ie last Friday, but it had not yet been released on Monday afternoon Finnish time. According to TMZ sources, the new release date for this is August 6th.

Now the artist apparently works and lives on the stadium premises.

New album, Donda, is named after West ‘s deceased mother.

Debut itself could be described as special.

The artist arrived at his own party almost two hours late. He didn’t actually perform, but walked to the stadium for 48 minutes with the smoke of the smoke machines. At the same time, new music was played through the stadium’s audio equipment.

During the show, West was wearing a jacket designed for the GAP clothing brand that looks a bit plush with a padded jacket and a combination of red latex. He had covered his head with some sort of accessory. The impression was a bit like she had pulled on the light tights on her head.

Fans paid about 24-118 euros for admission tickets.

On Twitter, a Twitter user posted a picture of a stadium hosting an Atlanta United football game on Saturday. Pictured, Kanye West is still on site in her performance costume.

West’s occurrence has been previously analyzed Rumba.



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