Music “This is a duet,” said Paula Vesala after hearing Joonas Lahtinen’s song – Rapper Figaro is on the verge of success, and now he says what it takes

Singer and songwriter Joonas Lahtinen aka Figaro finds the earnings model in the music industry awkward, but is optimistic about his future.

Last February tenth Joonas Lahtinen sent to a friend For Iris message: I wrote an outrageous good story. This is something Lauri Tähkä doesn’t have enough dick to be so honeyy.

He had recorded the chorus on his phone. Played guitar on the bed of his studio and sang. The words arose from a feeling of inadequacy.

Two weeks later, he introduced the tape producer Arto Ruotsala. A demo was made. Lahtinen sent it to his A&R manager in April Perttu Mäkelä, Advances to CEO of Records.

What do you think, Lahtinen asked. Would the song work for someone? Or if he presented himself and asked for a fit?

Mäkelä thought.

Lahtinen (b. 1997) became interested in music early on. Mom sang in the choir, Dad always played records. In the car and at home. Steely Denmark, Tom Waitsia, Pink Floydia… At the age of seven, Lahtinen started playing guitar, later drums. The interest in making music ignited in the music school. There were various band projects, singing in Finnish and English, edm techno, then rap.

Lahtinen got into the studio through Arto Ruotsala, who teaches production at the College of Music. The year was 2018. He started sending demos to record companies, including Perttu Mäkelä.

Mäkelä, who receives several contacts a week and is responsible for his record company’s artist selections, does not enter into a recording contract on frivolous grounds. If the type has potential, he will ask for more samples. At the same time, the work ethic and whether the Demos develop will become clear.

So Mäkelä replied to Lahtinen: Send more.

Lahtinen first sent six demos, then a few. More, more. A total of twenty.

In the first demos, Lahtinen mainly raped. Gradually the style changed, the melodies and singing became interesting.

In the spring of 2019, an agreement was made. In December, an EP was released from Lahtinen, artist-named Figaro All or nothing. The genre is “alternative pop”.

Music also arises for others.

Lahtinen was one of four lyricists in a JVG published last summer In the wild west in the section. He has written songs Abreulle, Costeelle, Reino Nordinille, To the saint. Much has not yet been published, and not all projects can be reported so far.

“You have to push material all the time. You don’t always know when songs will appear – if they do. ”

Contacts will be steady. There can be four to five studio days a week when writing and composing. At the same time, Lahtinen, who lives in the Helsinki metropolitan area, is studying, or at least trying. Combining music and journalism studies at the University of Jyväskylä is “challenging”.

Fortunately, however, there are student grants and a loan. Music alone would not work.

In the music industry the upheaval has been talked about for years. Record sales do not strike bread, and the digital side does not live.

For example, revenues from Spotify are small. Depending on the agreement, one stream streams between € 0.00105 and € 0.007. Lahtinen does not say his own compensation, but it is “pathetically small”.

He takes the calculator. If the compensation were 0.007 euros and the song was streamed a hundred thousand times, the return would be 700 euros. At least half goes to the record company. Then to the publishing company, and the rest to the songwriters.

“But if there were ten million streams…”

About 70,000 euros. That would be a “substantial sum,” even if most went to non-artists.

Currently, Lahtinen’s most popular song on Spotify is made with Saint I killed you. There are more than 360,000 listeners.

The most popular solo song is Angels, with over 75,000 listens.

“Because I made some dozens.”

Crab musician Figaro aka Joonas Lahtinen composed new music at the studio in Punavuori.­

Other the means of earning are compensation from Teosto and Gramex, for example when music is played in public on radio, television, concerts.

Most net of radio calls on major commercial channels and on Broadcasting. You can earn twenty euros for one call. In small local radios, the compensation is in the order of tens of cents.

Rarely do new artists ’first Singles get into big channels. The new music is mainly played by YleX, Radio Helsinki and Bassoradio.

Radio plays often affect whether you get gigs.

In April 2020 Perttu Mäkelä played Paula Vesala. He had listened to Lahtinen’s demo in February for a couple of days, the chorus of which told about the feeling of inadequacy. It was “sick good” for him.

“What feeling do you have,” Mäkelä asked, “would you be at the fair?”

Vesala was familiar with Lahtinen. At the beginning of the year, he had accidentally found a song called Spotify Bogey.

Yes, Vesala replied now, “this is a duet to be made”.

The result of the cooperation will be published on Friday, January 22. Paragraph The two are tender to each other tells how to be more merciful to oneself and another.

Listen to Figaro’s song Mörkö below:

What affect success? Networking and time. Sometimes luck. However, the most important thing is good music, says Mäkelä of Etenee Records. The rest comes on its side.

“A record company alone can’t make a successful artist.”

If you master multiple areas, you may have a better chance of getting along. Writing for others is Lahtinen’s job. Instead, your own music is “pure therapy”. His first album will be released this year.

Although the industry is competitive, Lahtinen is hopeful.

“However, I am aware of the realities. Few are able to keep all their artistic ambitions and be a commercial success. You have to be willing to make sacrifices. ”

What kind of? Lahtinen ponders.

“Well, the most underground stuff of all. Strange gimmicks don’t play on the radio. ”

“But I have questioned whether they are of me. Would I just like to be extremely different? ”

It doesn’t seem important, anymore. The most important thing is for someone to get something new to think about music.


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