Music | There was a worldwide search for the lead actor in the Michael Jackson film, and Jackson’s nephew was chosen for the role

The upcoming biopic is being prepared together with the Jackson family.

The deceased Michael Jackson’s Michael Jackson’s nephew plays the lead role in the upcoming movie about his life Jaafar Jackson.

Reported it on Instagram movie director Antoine Fuqua.

Producer of a movie called Michael Graham King told of Variety according to which the performer of the main role had been searched worldwide.

Father of 26-year-old Jaafar Jackson Jermaine Jackson is Michael Jackson’s older brother. Like his younger brother, Jermaine Jackson was the soloist of the Jackson 5 family band and later a solo artist.

Also Jaafar Jackson has started his music career. His first single Got Me Singing appeared in 2019. Jaafar Jackson has been compared to his late uncle because of his voice and movement.

Michaelfilming will begin later this year. The actors of the other main parts of the film have not yet been announced.

The movie production company Lionsgate has said that Michael describes Michael Jackson as a “complex” character who became the King of Pop. It is not yet known how much the film deals with the allegations of child sexual abuse against Michael Jackson.

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During his lifetime, Jackson denied all suspicions and was never tried in court. Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest at the age of 50 in 2009.

Michael-film makers have prepared the film together with Michael Jackson’s estate, and Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson has expressed his satisfaction that Jaafar Jackson was chosen for the main role.

The film’s producer, Graham King, has previously produced, among other things, the singer of the band Queen About Freddie Mercury telling Bohemian Rhapsody -film, and screenwriter of John Logan previous successes include the James Bond films 007 Skyfall and 007 Spectre.

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