Music The work investigates: Sibelius’s Finlandia played at Joe Biden’s inauguration, but the composition was marked with the Marines Major’s name

Multi shook the ears of the President of the United States Joe Biden inauguration on Wednesday when the Marine Corps of the U.S. Marine Band played a clip Jean Sibelius Finlandiaa.

In public there was time to assumethat it was Be Still My Soul stream matching. Sibelius Finlandian the anthem melody is adapted to this tune, for example, as well as the tune We Rest On Thee.

The truth is even more complicated and questionable.

Finlandia, the band of the Marines band performing under the name The Presidents Own United States Marine Band, played at Joe Biden’s inauguration party on behalf of another composer.­

US Marine Bandin in the inauguration program that work was cold calmly marked by the Marines Major Ryan J. Nowlinin as a composition called Godspeed.

There were, of course, other ingredients in the composition, but Sibelius Finland played a very central role in it.

Nowlinin Godspeed can be found in the attached video and Finlandquote culminates at about halfway through.

Godspeed is a well-condensed version of Major Nowlin’s earlier work Godspeed, John Glenn WB507. As the name suggests, the composition pays homage to a Marine who became an astronaut and later a politician. John Glenn.

Publisher Kjos Music Publishing announces in its Youtube cover text that the work will culminate in a “quote Be Still My Soul anthem ”, but does not tell of the composer Jean Sibelius or the original version Finlandiaa.

This longer version has much more of Major Nowlin’s music. Inauguration Godspeedin the abstract, the quote seemed more brazen because Finland was so central to it.

Jean Sibelius’ granddaughter and chairman of the composer’s college of successors Aino Porra is surprised to hear the matter from Helsingin Sanomat.

“Like Finlandian use is not uncommon in itself, but it is good to find out in Teosto. ”

Teosto monitors Sibelius’ copyrights and recognizes the royalties it collects to rightholders. Compensation will also accrue on arrangements 70 years after the composer’s death, ie until 2027.

CEO of Teosto Risto Salminen tells HS that situations of this type concerning the use of a composition as part of another composition do not normally fall within the scope of the right of quotation but require the consent of the rightholder.

“We’re investigating,” he promises.

Sibelius made his composition Newspaper days of music culminating in 1899 under the name Finland is waking up. The premiere raised money for the journalists’ pension fund in a situation where Päivälehti, the predecessor of Helsingin Sanomat, had been suspended by the Governor General. Bobrikovin order because of its opposition to the February manifesto and other Russification measures.

It was therefore a protest composition in favor of freedom of expression.

Finland is waking up The hit material of the decision was quickly noticed and started to be presented separately, for example by names Finale, Vaterland and La Patrie.

In November 1900, the name became established Finland and after the cost agreement, the improved version quickly became a global hit.

The first recording was made Robert Landon already in 1909, albeit only from a fragment. The same year saw the release of the first military orchestra arrangement.

Sibelius did not make the anthem of the middle part of the work to be sung, but in addition to the mentioned hymns, lyrics were made in English only, such as At the table (By the table), Dear Friend of Mine (My dear friend), Land of the Pine (Land of Pines), Christian Life (Christian life) and Our Farewell Song (Our farewell song).

“It’s not meant to be sung,” Sibelius lamented. “It’s made for an orchestra. But if the world wants to sing, then there is nothing for it, ”he concluded.

Eventually, Sibelius gave permission To Yrjö Sjöblom officially Finlandian singing and edited Wäinö Solan text version for male choir for Masonic use. Also the most famous today VA Koskenniemi the lyrics of 1940 suited him.

After these steps From Finland Hundreds of interesting adaptations and versions have been made Joan Baezista Anssi to Tikanmäki and the band Stone. You can listen to a compilation of them in the following video.

Copyright in terms of a more innocent connection with Finland was found by the previous president Donald Trumpin farewell party.

Trump has repeatedly delighted his supporters by dancing and waving his fists at Village People YMCA.-giant hit (1978).

This also happened at the farewell party just before the last song that was My Way. Village Peoplen YMCA. plays the next video at 11 minutes right after Trump’s farewell speech.

Village People was the manager Jacques Moralin an idea conceived for which a magazine ad searched for “macho types with a mustache and who know how to dance”.

Visuality was sought by Tom of Finland, ie Touko Laaksonen from homoerotic drawings. In particular, the group “Leatherman” i.e. Glenn Hughes was a fairly direct copy of Tom of Finland’s iconic Kake character.

Tom of Finland’s Kake and The Village People’s Glenn Hughes.­

The rhymes of the song, such as “you can breathe with all the boys” and “you can do whatever you want,” contained a double meaning that the lyricist himself has since vigorously denied since then.

The next big hit In the Navy however, contained more dual meanings, for example, in the line “join your fellow man,” such as Boston Globe recalled this week.

Donald Trump and Touko Laaksonen­

The Boston Globe also pondered whether Trump Village People knows about the connections between homosexual fantasies.

Trump had an excellent knowledge of New York’s nightlife and social circles of that era, so the answer is probably yes – also with regard to the Tom of Finland connection. This knowledge did not prevent the Trump administration reducing the rights of sexual minorities.

You can read more about Tom of Finland’s influence on popular culture and also the Village People band, for example in an article by The Guardian behind this link.


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