Music The Rolling Stones will not play the acclaimed Brown Sugar song on the US tour

Critics say the lyrics praise slavery.

Legendary rock band The Rolling Stones has given up their classics Brown Sugar on a tour of the United States. The passage tells of slavery as “gold coast slave ships sail toward cotton fields”.

Guitarist for The Rolling Stones Keith Richards said Los Angeles Times however, he was confused by the review the song received.

“Hasn’t it been realized that the song is about the horrors of slavery,” Richards said.

The lyrics have also been interpreted to refer to drugs or the beak man of the band Mick Jaggerin to a former girlfriend.

“They want to bury the song. I don’t want to drift into conflicts in this shit. However, I hope we can bring the song to life and flourish later. ”

In In an interview with Rolling Stone in 1995, Jagger said he would no longer have written at the time. Brown Sugar the words of the song. The song was released in 1971 on the album Sticky Fingers the opening track.

“I would probably censor myself. I would think not a good god, not like that. The Creator knows what from time to time when writing words. It’s quite a herring salad with everything vicious in one package, ”Jagger said.

Last in a music producer Ian Brennan criticized The Rolling Stones for further performing the song. According to Brennan’s interpretation, the lyrics of the song praise slavery, rape, torture, and pedophilia.

“Criticism is not about censorship or burning discs, but about better awareness and sensitivity,” Brennan said. to a music magazine.


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