Music The government must secure visa-free tours in Europe, demanding British musicians in an open letter

On Tuesday, the British government rejected an EU offer that would have allowed tours in Europe to run smoothly.

Over 100 British musicians call on government to secure visa-free tours in Europe, says the British broadcasting company BBC.

Among other rock musicians Sir Elton Johnin and Liam Gallagherin, Brian Mayn as well as a violinist Nicola Benedettin and conductor Simon Rattlen an open letter signed by the government says the government has shamefully failed to regulate artists ’post-Brexit travel rules.

According to the BBC, the government on Tuesday rejected an EU offer that would have allowed tours in Europe to run smoothly. Minister of Culture Caroline Dinenagen according to the government is committed to “taking back control of its own borders” and the very wide offer offered by the EU would not have been in line with this goal. The government therefore expects more sensible proposals from the EU to address the situation of musicians.

“The EU there is a gap in the contract with. It does not guarantee the promised free movement, but everyone who travels in Europe must now pay expensive work permits to several countries and also have to make a pile of paperwork for the equipment that comes with it, ”the letter published by the musicians’ association says.

According to the signatories, the extra costs will make it impossible for many performers to pay.

“It is imperative that the government negotiate a new reciprocal agreement that will allow performers to tour Europe for up to 90 days without a work permit,” the director of the Musicians Association Deborah Annetts says.


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