Music The favorite band of the 1990s, Hanson, is coming to Finland for the first time

The band will perform at the Culture House in June.

1990s favorite band Hanson will come to Finland next summer. This is the band’s first gig in Finland.

The band will perform at the Culture House on June 8.

Brotherhood Isaac, Taylorin and Zacin formed by the band rose to world consciousness with their giant hits MMMBop and with his popular album Middle of Nowhere in 1996 and 1997. The boys were only 11–14 years old.

They had already started in music in 1992, at that time as an a cappella band.

To this day to date, the band has sold more than 16 million records and continues to pursue a career. The previous album was released last year.

The band will be brought to Helsinki by the Red Green Blue tour and a new album of the same name, which will help Hanson celebrate 30 years in the sky with music. The album will be released in May, before which a single release by each brother will be released monthly.

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Today, the band releases their music through their own record label.

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