Music The BBC radio station banned the popular Fairytale of New York Christmas carol because of one word

According to the channel, younger listeners are particularly sensitive to vocabulary related to gender and sexuality

BBC Radio 1 has left the popular Fairytale of New York with their original lyrics removed from their playlists. The radio station justifies the decision by protecting the youth.

One word that appears in the paragraph is particularly significant for the decision.

Fairytale of New York is The Pogues and Kirsty MacCollin a Christmas-era song released in 1987. Starring in it is a couple who moved from Ireland to New York, whose dreams have drowned in alcohol and drugs.

Poguesin Shane MacGowan depicts a man on a Christmas Eve drunk in New York on a Christmas Eve who remembers his life. MacColl equally portrays life as a battered woman. The rest of the song consists of a contentious duet between MacGovani and MacColl, where they go through their youthful dreams.

Channel according to younger listeners are particularly sensitive to gender- and sexuality-related vocabulary. The most problematic word is at the end of this sentence:

You scumbag, you maggot / You cheap lousy fagot.

However, BBC Radio 1 presents a newer version of the song. It describes a homosexual fagot has been replaced Haggardwith a word that turns ragged or wild-looking.

Word has been on the band on BBC Radio 1 before. When Ed Sheeran and Anne-Marie presented it on a live channel in 2017, the derogatory word was replaced blaggerilla, which mainly means a villain or a mouthpiece.

BBC Radio 2 plays the song with its original lyrics.


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