Music Post Bar opens “safe” open-air club on Verkkosaari, which has become a concentration of unauthorized parties

Mixing up without rules at underground parties does no good to music culture, the founders of Club Slide say.

Nightclub Post Bar will open a new open-air club in Helsinki’s Verkkosaari next Friday.

Club Dia will be built in an area leased from the city, in the middle of cargo containers. Events take place on Fridays and Saturdays until the end of August. On weekdays, the club plays pop-up radio studio IDA.

On Sundays in August, the We Jazz band plays in the area at events aimed at the whole family.

There is an entrance fee for weekend clubs and there are stewards in the area.

Network island there are a lot of voluntary subcultural activities and underground parties in the wasteland, in other words, unauthorized celebrations.

The arrival of a commercial operator in the area has caused a lively discussion on social media, for example on Jodel’s Teknojuorut channel.

One of the owners of Post Bar Joni Lindroos speaks of prejudices that a big bad commercial player robs the whole “ug culture” out of Helsinki and forces small players elsewhere.

That is not the case at all, Lindroos assures. The club only plays music until the afternoon, after which most ug parties just start.

“It’s a vast area that can accommodate multiple players on our behalf.”

Lindroos says many also want a space in the area where it would be safe to be.

“There has been talk in the forums that there is bad and even dangerous behavior in the area.”

The celebration culture of Verkkosaari has changed over time, Lindroos says. Today, people travel to parties outside Helsinki and there are a lot of intoxicated minors among them.

“You don’t necessarily come there anymore because of the music but to mingle. It does no good to our music culture. Fortunately, there are also numerous good parties in the city every weekend, which we go to precisely because of the music, ”says Lindroos.

Post Bar is a nightclub in Sörnäinen, Helsinki.

Lindroos has also had discussions with the police and the city, among others.

The city offered Verkkosaari as a venue for the club, which was set to be planned last winter.

“The city is developing on everyone’s terms. Nor can one live in such a utopia that the world is a 24/7 Burning Mania with no rules. ”

Burning Man is a Tens of Thousand People Driving Festival held in the Nevada desert.

“Together, we will create a diverse Helsinki, which includes both ug parties and commercial parties. The same DJs and organizers are in the background. ”

Helsinki Police Head of the Alarm and Monitoring Unit, High Commissioner Heikki Porola says police mostly receive noise reports of illegal and legal outdoor incidents.

According to Porola, there are illegal events in Helsinki every weekend.

“Typically, those events do not provide security at any level, and places are left uncleaned.”

With regard to Verkkosaari, Porola does not specify what kind of disorder there may have been in the area, but says that drug-related sales, assaults and thefts are related to illegal events.

“But few of them are reported to the police.”

The High Commissioner is concerned about the celebration of Verkkosaari, especially because there is waste and demolished structures in the area.

“Fire and electrical safety is also weak in the area. If hundreds or even thousands of intoxicated people congregate in the area, the risk of an accident is obvious. ”

According to Porola, the celebrants are hostile to the authorities and the health care staff.

Post Barin entry into the area has also caused resentment because with the construction of the club, part of the self-made skate park was cleared out of the area.

According to Lindroos, it was an unfortunate damage and a message disruption between the city and a subcontracted cleaning company.

“A couple of concrete arches left when the area was cleaned with a tractor instead of a brush, but we have agreed with the area’s skaters that they will be allowed to build a new one on the farm and otherwise promote the area at least while we rent it,” Lindroos says.

The opening of Club Slide will be celebrated next weekend. Among the performers are Antti Salonen, Katerina, Emma Valtonen and Linda Lazarov.



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