Music Pop star Britney Spears accuses her father of abusing a guardianship position – “I thought they were trying to kill me”

The star’s new lawyer is believed to approach the controversial guardianship case more aggressively than the previous lawyer. The lawyer intends to ask that the star’s father be removed from his guardianship.

Patronage the US pop star below Britney Spears has told a Los Angeles court that he wants his father accused of abuse of guardianship. The news agency AFP and the US news channel, among others, report on the matter CNN.

My singer-in-law told the court over the phone that he wanted an investigation into his father’s actions.

“I thought they were trying to kill me,” Spears described the actions of the guardians in court, according to CNN.

According to AFP, Spears also suggested that he might want his father to be banned from approaching.

Pop singer and the actor spoke to the court at local time on Wednesday. According to CNN, the star’s performance on Wednesday was emotional and the singer is said to have burst into tears on Wednesday from time to time in the middle of her statement.

Britney Spears’ new lawyer Mathew Rosengart told SpP news agency AFP on Wednesday that he plans to ask the court as soon as possible for Spears’ father to be removed from his guardianship.

“I’m here to get rid of my father,” Spears expressed his will to remove his father’s custody responsibility from television channel ABC’s morning program. Good Morning American by.

Spearsin father Jamie Spears has been responsible for the 39-year-old star’s finances and private life for 13 years. The guardianship order was issued after the singer’s 2007 mental collapse.

Three weeks ago, Spears gave an emotional speech at the guardianship hearing, in which he condemned, among other things, the controversial guardianship arrangement and demanded its dissolution.

“I just want my life back. This has been going on for 13 years and that’s enough, ”Spears said in a previous hearing.

However, in early July, the judge refused Spears’ demand to end the controversial guardianship arrangement. An application to end guardianship was heard in a court in Los Angeles.

Spears said three weeks ago he also wanted to choose his own lawyer. American newspaper New York Times according to the custody order in 2008, the judge ruled that the singer could not choose his own lawyer. Following the decision, the court appointed a lawyer Samuel Inghamin to represent Spears.

In a speech at a previous hearing, Spears questioned, among other things, whether Ingham had given him enough support and told him of all the star’s opportunities for patronage. NOW says Spears, for example, would not have known in the past that he would be able to ask for the guardianship to be suspended.

Following the singer’s previous appearance, Ingham asked the court for permission to resign. So did the law firm Loeb & Loeb, which Ingham had brought to support the battle for patronage.

On Wednesday Judge for Spears’ Guardianship Patterns Brenda Penny accepted the requests of both Ingham and Loeb & Loeb.

NOW said Penny also accepted a request from well-known Hollywood lawyer Rosengart to represent Spears. According to a knowledgeable source, Rosengart is expected to approach the matter more aggressively than the previous legal team and will seek to put an end to patronage.

According to AFP, Rosengart has previously represented, among others, a Hollywood director Steven Spielberg and actor-director Sean Pennies. Rosengart is also a former federal prosecutor.

News agency According to AFP, other key factors related to guardianship have also moved away from the star guardianship case following a consultation last month.

In addition to Ingham, the asset management company Bessemer Trust, among others, has requested permission to resign. The judge ruled in February that Spears’ father and the Bessemer Trust would be jointly responsible for the singer’s finances.

Also a long-term manager of the star Larry Rudolph has resigned.

CNN’s Spears has accused those involved in the patronage, among other things, of forcing him to perform and take lithium. Finnish Medical Association Duodecim Health Library according to Lithium is, among other things, one of the drugs used to treat bipolar disorder.

In addition to these, Spears said she has not been allowed to remove the contraceptive coil even if she wants more children.

Spears ’performance three weeks ago has received widespread support in the United States and around the world. Star fans have been showing their support at the courthouse. In addition to this, other public figures, such as singers, have also shown their support for the singer Christina Aguilera and Madonna.

NYT: n it appears from the court documents that the star would have objected to the guardianship order earlier and more often than previously thought. According to documents, Spears would have said patronage had limited everything from his dating club to the color of kitchen cabinets.

Last year, Spears asked the court to remove his father from custody and put his finances under the control of the Bessemer Trust.

About 150 million copies of Britney Spears’ records, which made a breakthrough at a young age, have been sold. Her hits include … Baby One More Time and Oops! … I Did It Again.

News channel CBS News it is likely that the state decision-making body will likely seek changes to California custody legislation next year.

The health editor of Politico magazine reports on the news channel Victoria Colliver, according to which any attempt at change is largely based on the FreeBritney movement, which requires the release of the pop icon from patronage.

Efforts were made to change the laws as early as 2006, but without success. At present, the local decision-making body is considering, among other things, a bill that would require lawyers to report their fees more transparently and give family members more rights to investigate allegations of abuse.

In addition According to Colliver, there has been a bill that would give guardianship the right to choose their own attorney. This bill did not progress this year, but the matter is likely to be re-examined next year, largely due to the FreeBritney movement and the attention received by Spears.

According to CBS News, Spears’ father has spent more than $ 2 million on legal costs to stay responsible for his daughter’s finances, among other things. The pop star himself pays the legal costs on both sides, meaning his father uses the star’s own money to fight his own wishes.



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