Music Pianist Iiro Rantala did not enjoy any music school, but now he even does operas that are meant to be fun.

Iiro Rantala started his career more than 30 years ago as a jazz pianist, but is now focused on art music. “Enjoying the audience is my goal in everything, be it from jazz pianos, opera or whatever,” he says.

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Pianist Iiro Rantala practiced at his home at the Lalluka Artists’ Home in Helsinki.­

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Next in the fall, if Korona gives, pianist Iiro Rantala debuted in Berlin as a melodic soloist.

“That’s my first instrument! Before I got the piano, I got a Hohner melody that almost weaned me from the music, ”Rantala says.

“It’s a joke player. It doesn’t sound good at all. ”

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