Music Mikko “Flexible Rat” Sarjanen knows what makes Atomirota unique: “Many hiffs from the beginning” – HS shows the gig on a direct Friday

Atomirota’s gig, which released its fourth full-length album a year ago, will be streamed from Tikkurila Festival.

The question is maybe unfair. Now ask the artist himself what makes this band special.

Mikko Sarjanen empii.

“I’m not necessarily the right type to answer …”

But yes, there is something unique about Atomirota, the band’s singer and songwriter admits.

Behind are four full-length albums. Hits and radio plays. Hundreds of gigs at smaller clubs and big festivals. A gig is now scheduled for the Tikkurila Festival, which can be viewed on the HS website on Friday at 2.15 pm.

“I’ve been thinking about it.”

What has survived?

The roots are In the late 1990s. Sarjanen listened to music with his friend. Finn rock band Smack made an impression.

At the same time, his own music project, Notkea Rotta, was in full swing. Recorded with friends Rumble-single, which was to remain the only one, was released in 2001. However, the song “began to live”. A hip hop group named after Sarjanen’s character was formed.

Later, in 2010, a U.S.-based Smack guitarist Rane “Raitsikka” Jäntti asked his sister to send Finnish music and got to listen to rap from East Helsinki. After returning to Finland, Jäntti contacted Sarjas. Jäntti ended up playing guitar for Notkea Rotta’s 2012 title album.

Thence the idea developed from a smaller, more musically broader line-up. Third came the long-line techno music expert Jyrki “Pajulaakso” Pajunen.

Atomirota’s first gig was on Valentine’s Day 2014 at Roihuvuori Hard Rock House. Had songs like To the sun.

“The gang saw something in the hustle and bustle.”

It was decided to look at what it carries.

The pace was compact until 13 March 2020. That’s when the band released their fourth album IV.

On the same day, the Emergency Preparedness Act was introduced in Finland.

“If you’re looking for something positive about an otherwise pretty fucked up pandemic, it’s been time to check back. That time was quite a rumble, ”says Sarjanen.

The corona had to adjust.

“Personally, I liked the bone. I talked to myself in the nearby forests, I refreshed in the opening. ”

But there were also music chores. Jäntti, who was responsible for the composition, “did a few records”. It has been gone through.

There have also been a few gigs, mostly last summer and this summer.

Before the pandemic, the band also set up their own long-planned record company. The latest album was produced as a self-published.

The reason is one hundred percent artistic freedom, “although previous records produced by Monsp Records did not limit us in any way”.

The beginning was awkward. The money was put into the cost of the record before the world closed.

“It has been endured. I think nothing has been canceled. Everything just moves. ”

What about that specificity?

One of the special features of Atomirota is at least the distinctive, varied music. The band doesn’t care about genre boundaries, but sprawls from rock to funk and mixes rap, punk and percussive melody.

“Yeah,” Sarjanen says, “we’re pretty special on the music side. Many people say from the beginning that this is the Atomic Rat. ”

The band isn’t wondering if anything can be done, but rather why not.

The lyrics come from the pens of all the members of the trio. Often the subject is invented and a story is built around. Themes range from light and mundane imagery to rugged human destinies.

Sarjanen does not like to explain lyrics. The listener has the interpretation.

“We made a song, pushed it out, and then it starts to live its own life.”

At the moment The supple Rat is on a break, “living in a fermentation space”. The band members do their own stuff.

The series focuses on the Atomic Rat.

What about the rat, where does it come from?

“Tota …”

Sarjanen considers the names of the bands. Notkis underlined the cartoonishness, the character. When the band took a break, Atomirota became its little brother project. Hence the word rat.

“And the atom … well, it was connected somewhere. Sounded good. ”

Do you feel like a rat in some way?






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