Music | Many a great rock star’s child has ended up as an artist, and only a few have managed to retreat to an ordinary life

Lisa Marie Presley has had fateful companions over the decades. The sons of Beatles members were even considered to be the second generation of Beatles.

Thursday dead Lisa Marie Presley was the most famous of the children of the world’s biggest rock stars. Elvis Presley the only daughter lived her whole life as a public figure. The children of world-famous stars have often become artists, but some of them have wanted to live an ordinary life without the attention of the public.

Being the child of a famous rock star gives you a visible start to a musician’s career, but many of them are still known years later because of their father or mother rather than their own music.

Bob Marley’s Five of the 12 children are musicians, the most famous of them Ziggy Marley. Bob Dylan’s son Jacob Dylan has been making music with his Wallflowers band since the late 1980s.

Some continue their father’s career, such as Dweezil Zappawho has called Frank Zappa music, and Jason Bonhamwho has called his father by John Bonham on-site drums for the temporary joint performances of the other members of Led Zeppelin.

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The Beatles the father’s profession has been passed down effectively to the offspring of the members, because both Julian Lennon that Sean Lennon are musicians, as well Ringo Starr son Zak Starkeywho has played drums in The Who’s touring lineup. Paul McCartney’s the only son James called his father and mother at first by Linda McCartney on records and later made his own music, and also Dhani Harrison has performed alongside his own production George-his father’s music.

James McCartney told in 2012 for developing the idea of ​​a second generation Beatles. According to him, Dhani Harrison and Sean Lennon were also interested in the idea at the time, but not Zak Starkey, so James McCartney envisioned Ringo Starr’s younger son as a replacement. Jason Starkeywho has also played drums.

The plan was only partially realized and for one recording, when Dhani Harrison played on James McCartney’s single released in 2016.

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James McCartney’s sisters have been successful in other creative fields: Stella McCartney is a fashion designer, Mary McCartney photographer and documentary director and born from Linda McCartney’s previous marriage Heather McCartney ceramic artist.

Only Paul McCartney’s youngest child, by Heather Mills born with Beatrice McCartney has mostly stayed out of the public eye. He has worked in a British science book publishing house as a publisher.

From the first generation of rock stars With Chuck Berry have four children, including a son Charles Jr performed with his father. Charles Jr played in Chuck Berry’s touring band and in the last years also served as his assistant. Also the eldest daughter Ingrid has performed with his father and brother.

of the 1990s the most famous of the stars’ children is Frances Bean Cobainwhose parents Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love were the most important alternative rock artists of their generation, but also with drug problems, and therefore under the scrutiny of the media.

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Authorities ordered Frances Bean into custody immediately after birth. She was able to return to her parents’ care, but the relationship with her father was cut short when Kurt Cobain committed suicide in April 1994. Frances Bean was one year and seven months old at the time.

Courtney Love lost custody of her child three times due to personal problems. Frances Bean spent her childhood and adolescence mainly raised by her father and mother. As an adult, she has gained fame as a photo model and visual artist, but rarely gives interviews.

Madonna has a total of six children, four of which are adopted. The oldest of the children, born in 1996 Lourdes Leon is Madonna’s biological daughter and has been in the media spotlight since her birth. Lourdes has worked as a model, but recently she has also been making music under her stage name Lolahol.

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