Music Led Zeppelin once recorded perhaps a Finnish folk song, and Joose Keskitalo now drew from the same source: “Everything is the common heritage of mankind”

Joose Keskitalo lived in England as a child, and therefore English became his strongest language. Now he changed his singing language to English.

Few remember the first time parents left for day care. For three- or four-year-old Joose Keskitalo, however, the experience was particularly memorable, as it happened to him when the family moved to London and he was put into “nursery”.

“Aunts comforted me. I didn’t understand the words, but the message was still clear. ”

The parents of the middle house were missionaries. The family lived in England for a total of seven years. The middle house says English became his strongest language

“But a few words I couldn’t change. I couldn’t say mum, even though it felt embarrassing to use mom in the middle of English sentences. There is no point in speaking the mother tongue. ”

While still in high school, Keskitalo spoke Finnish so special that he was sometimes thought to be a foreigner.

“I didn’t know Finnish quite naturally and I had to think about words and sayings. It was a big reason to start writing songs. ”

Central house (b. 1982) released their debut album God help in 2004 and quickly became one of the most respected figures in Finnish folk.

In addition to angular music that draws on folk music and hymns, he is known for his peculiar lyrics. The songs tell about the end of the world, death and biblical topics, but also about freedom and pontoon.

“The African roots of American popular music are always remembered to be mentioned, but it has arisen from two sources. The European ballad tradition is also part of it, ”says Joose Keskitalo.­

Now Keskitalo is releasing the record New Songs for Old Motifs, who has songs written in English for the first time. Published in 2019 under the name HC Slim SingsHowever, Keskitalo has already translated its old songs into English.

New Songs for Old Motifs began to emerge when Keskitalo listened Child Ballads based music. It is Francis James Childin A collection collected in the 19th century with 305 mostly English and Scottish traditional songs.

The songs mostly date from the 14th to the 17th centuries. The middle house compares Child To Lönnrot and records Kantelettareen.

“I was interested in the narration, playback and festive precision of the songs. At the same time, I read Shakespeare plays. I made a song King John based on the play and I used outdated language in it. The songs on the album are like leftovers from Child’s collection. That’s what the name suggests. “

The middle house sounds really familiar with the subject. He says the best ballad tradition has been preserved in the United States. Much of the banjo music in the Appalachian Mountains is based on that. It has also affected the blues.

“The African roots of American popular music are always remembered to be mentioned, but it has arisen from two sources. The European ballad tradition is also part of it. And it’s not just English, even though it’s recorded there. ”

The ballad tradition is known only as far as it is written down. Then they disappear into the darkness of history. Ballads and their stories have traveled all over Europe.

The middle house raises, for example The Redeemer Maiden of the Kantele -runon. There are at least a couple of versions of it in Child’s collection. A song by Led Zeppelin Gallows Pole based on Child’s ballad number 95.

“It is thought to come from Karelia, because that is where the theme has been collected the most. I didn’t think Led Zeppelin guessed that he had recorded a Finnish folk song. ”

Childin compiled ballads are the oldest literary sources with a connection to current popular music. The middle house has begun to see the whole history of music as a chain of references and influences.

“I once realized that in my old role models, Leonard Cohenilla, Bob Dylanilla, Tapio at Rautavaara, had their own role models and they had their own again. When the chain goes far enough, the question of origin loses its meaning. Everything is the common heritage of mankind. ”

In some of the songs, Keskitalo has used materials even earlier than Child’s ballads, in a few songs the myths of ancient Greece.

Will You Go A-hunting based on Ovid the story of the transformation of the encounter between Diana and Aktaion, and Sally Dear To the myth of Orpheus.

He was introduced to the classics by studying at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Helsinki. The so-called real work has never been done by Keskitalo, which later turned orthodox.

“There was a need to learn Latin, Greek and ancient Hebrew. They help I was able to explore the original texts, Even the Bible Hebrew. When I got away from completely useless studying, these things started to get interesting. When you don’t need an exam, you start learning right away. ”

Central house has always made rude and faceted music, but New Songs for Old Motifs sounds even more junky when reduced. In addition to the middle house, mostly only Ville Linna play banjo. On some of the songs Arwi Lind plays drums and bass.

There seems to be something modern on the record after all. Songs I Will Not Be Your Dog probably the equivalent Iggy Popin classic I Want To Be Your Dog?

“Unfortunately not,” Keskitalo laughs. That’s what the song is based on King John to the play. “The phrase bought and sold, bought and sold, means you have been deceived,” he says.

The middle house’s own boat “Kaislakerttu” is waiting to enter the waters.­

The biblical music of the middle house is often considered gloomy. From Savonlinna, however, the musician enthusiastically tells the backgrounds of his album on the phone and often laughs. He disagrees with the gloom of his music.

“There’s light in my music, too. Maybe it’s a little twilight, but a happy twilight. After all, Coheninka’s music is not terribly gloomy. Some of his songs are about suicide, but many are very sexual. ”

Joose Keskitalo: New Songs for Old Motifs. Pearl Plates. Released Fri 23.4.

Joose Keskitalo

Born in Kiukainen 1982 (now Eura)

Studied theology at the University of Helsinki.

Released ten Finnish studio albums and an English language Sings album (2019) called HC Slim. In addition, ep records, live records and collections.

Formerly backed by Third World Fire, now The Mystic Revelation of Teppo Repo.

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