Music In 1998, a record was released in Finland that succeeded in everything, and now it is in stores again – the members of the Candy Machine describe the creativity of the missing singer as “incomprehensible”.

Sami Häikiö (left), Jenni Rope, Janne Kuusela and Vesa Lehto played in the candy vending machine during the Kiss album.

Extensive recordings of the top record of Suomi-Indie, which was teeming with shock, exoticism, rumble and howl, were in jeopardy in 1998. The buddy band Apulanta’s Toni Wirtanen and Sipe Santapukki rushed to the rescue, borrowing FIM 30,000.

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Aleksi Kinnunen

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One The long-running twist and anticipation in the field of domestic indi pop ended on Friday, when the Candy Automata band With kissesThe first vinyl edition of the album finally appeared in stores.

The case was hoped for, as the third and last album of the Candy Vending Machine, founded in Lahti in 1993 and operating for five years, from 1998, is considered a masterpiece of Finnish indiepop.

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