Music Iiro Rantala composes the opera for Berlin

Komische Oper Berlin commissioned Iiro Rantala and Minna Lindgren to play the sequel to the whole family for Mozart’s Magic Flute.

Komische The Oper Berlin, a comic opera in Berlin, has been commissioned by the composer and pianist From Iiro Rantala the whole family opera Die Zaubermelodika, which will premiere in October.

The book is written by a libretto Minna Lindgren. Die Zaubermelodika is an independent sequel Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartin to the opera Magic flute and therefore its characters are also based For the magic flute.

Rantala and Lindgren’s previous opera Express spa will also be performed abroad in October, when the Australian Contemporary Opera Company will present it in English in Australia.

Rantala began his career in the late 1980s as a jazz pianist with Trio Töykeät, but has in recent years become increasingly focused on composing for art music ensembles.

As a composer of art music, he has now also signed a publishing contract with the Finnish publishing house Fennica Gehrman.

In January 2022, he will play as a soloist with the Kammerphilharmonie Bremen Orchestra as the piano soloist for the premiere of his own double concerto. As a violin soloist at the time Minna Pensola.

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