Music Britney Spears’ patronage battle returns to court, celebrity lawyer asks to get the case

Britney Spears has asked Matthew Rosengart for his lawyer. Rosengart has become known as an attorney for public figures such as Steven Spielberg, Ben Affleck, Jimmy Butler and Sean Penn.

June at the end the judge dismissed Britney Spearsin, 39, a request to dissolve his father Jamie Spearsin the role of the controversial guardianship arrangement, under which, among other things, the singer’s financial affairs have been under his father’s control since 2008.

Now, a couple of weeks later, the pop singer’s case is back in court in Los Angeles, AFP says. It is not publicly known which applications will be processed on Wednesday, but earlier in July, Spears’ mother Lynne Spears filed an application in which she asked her daughter for the right to choose her own lawyer.

Entertainment and celebrity news site TMZ said Tuesday Britney Spears has asked to be known as a Hollywood celebrity lawyer Matthew Rosengartia and this consented to the task. Rosengart has previously represented, among other things Steven Spielberg, Ben Affleckia, Jimmy Butleria and Sean Pennies.

According to TMZ, Rosengart will attend the hearing on Wednesday remotely and ask a judge to appoint him as Britney Spears’ attorney.

If the judge Brenda Penny accepts the request, Rosengart is expected to seek the transfer of Jamie Spears from the management of Britney Spears’ assets, and – at some point – the termination of the guardianship.

Open it is not whether the singer will speak in court this time himself. In June, Spears remotely sent an emotional witness statement in court asking the judge to give him “his life back”. Spears also said that “my father and anyone who has been involved in this guardianship case – who would punish me when I said ‘no’ … they should be in jail.”

Since Spears ’speech, several central characters in the complex case have moved to the sidelines. Attorney appointed by the court for Spears in 2008 Samuel Ingham has requested a resignation from his duties, as has the manager Larry Rudolph.

Britney Spears came under the patronage of his father after suffering several nervous breakdowns in 2007 and 2008. Under the guardianship are usually placed very elderly people who are unable to make decisions about themselves.

Around 2009, Spears fans formed the Free Britney movement, which demands the dismantling of patronage.

Fans have questioned, among other things, how the court may consider the singer incapable of taking care of himself, even though he is still a pop star at the same time.

Many public figures like Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Halsey and Brandy, has shown support for Britney Spears and the Free Britney movement.



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