Music Britney Spears is once again working to remove her father’s guardianship, replacing her with a Californian accountant

According to Popstar’s lawyer, a singer is able to decide for himself if he can choose a lawyer himself. The judge said he would rule on the matter in late September.

American pop star Britney Spearsin the new attorney has requested that the singer’s father be removed from his guardianship. The request is reported by, among others, the news agency AFP and the US newspaper The New York Times (NOW).

The case is clear from the documents submitted to the court on Monday, according to which a California accountant is wanted to replace the star’s father. Jason Rubin.

The father of the pop star James Spears has been responsible for the finances and private life of her 39-year-old daughter for 13 years. The guardianship order was issued after the singer’s 2007 mental collapse.

NOW says pop star Spears’ new lawyer Mathew Rosengart has justified the request by a previous decision of the judge concerning the selection of the singer ‘s lawyer. According to Rosengart, Spears is able to appoint a guardian himself if the judge thinks he is able to decide on his own lawyer as well.

Judge for the Star Guardianship Brenda Penny in the middle of the month, he approved the resignation request of Spears’ former attorney and at the same time the request of a well-known Hollywood attorney to represent Spears in the future.

Previously, the singer had been represented by a court-appointed lawyer Samuel Ingham. When the guardianship order was issued in 2008, the judge ruled that the singer could not choose his own lawyer.

Judge Brenda Penny said later Monday that she would make a decision on her father’s request in late September. The hearing is scheduled for 29 September.

Rosengart, who represented the star for only about two weeks, promised his team to submit a request to remove James Spears from his custody responsibility as soon as possible. He has also urged the singer’s father to relinquish custody voluntarily.

James Spears has been asked to be removed from his guardianship in the past. However, the judge rejected the previous request made last year.

Both Spears himself and his numerous fans and several public figures have called for an end to the guardianship arrangement. The star, who has previously remained silent about the issue of guardianship, has appeared twice in the past weeks in guardianship hearings and described the life-limiting guardianship as cruel, among other things.

Spears has accused those involved in the patronage, among other things, of forcing him to perform and take lithium. In addition to these, Spears said she has not been allowed to remove the contraceptive coil even if she wants more children.



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