Music Britney Spears is finally talking today about her own patronage situation – the singer is expected to be brought to justice

Singer Britney Spears, who will be heard in court today, has been under the patronage of her father for about 13 years. The singer has expressed, through her lawyers, that she is afraid of her father.

Vocalist Britney Spearsin his own position on the guardianship matter concerning him has been feverishly awaited for a long time. So far, only rips of it have been heard through Spears lawyers.

A hearing will be held in a court in Los Angeles today, Wednesday, where the singer is expected to tell herself that she does not want her father to continue as a guardian.

Pop star has been under guardianship since 2008, but Spears has rarely been involved in court hearings himself. Britney was last heard in court three years ago. Britney requested at the time that the hearing be held in camera. Among other things, he wanted to keep his patient data as his own.

In April, a Britney lawyer announced at a hearing in a Los Angeles court that the pop star had hoped to be able to speak in court himself.

It has not been told in advance what Britney is going to talk about in court. The assumption, however, is that Britney says she doesn’t want her father to continue as her guardian. The assumption is based on what Britney’s lawyer has said in court before.

Even if Britney is consulted, that does not mean that Britney’s father’s guardianship will be disbanded or a new guardian will be appointed.

The judge’s decision may depend on the opinions of the doctors. They are not public, so it is not known whether such statements have been made at all recently.

Britney Spears was prescribed by his father James “Jamie” Spears to be patronized after the singer suffered a nervous breakdown in 2007 and underwent psychiatric treatment.

Jamie Spears has had a legal right to manage the singer’s property, career and personal life for approximately 13 years.

Neither of them, Britney or Jamie Spears, has commented on the guardianship issue in public.

During the patronage, Britney Spears has released several albums, toured and performed on television shows. The popper hasn’t worked since the January 2019 Vegas gig series was canceled.

Fans have been skeptical about how Britney can actually and whether there are grounds for a guardianship arrangement.

At the same time as the singer was placed under guardianship, the Free Britney movement was born, which has demanded the dissolution of guardianship. In 2019, a voice message was released on Britney’s gram podcast that the singer had to be treated against her will before the start of the upcoming concert series.

The singer’s father has been busy with the movement and said it was a joke.

Since Britney Spears hasn’t talked about custody in public, fans have started looking for different clues. Fans have interpreted Britney’s Instagram publications as hiding hints that Britney doesn’t want to be under her father’s patronage. On the other hand, fans also question whether Britney herself is behind the account, as the publications do not mention the issue of guardianship at all.

Pop singer the father has been Britney’s guardian for most of thirteen years. The guardianship is divided into two parts: managing the singer’s property and taking care of Britney’s personal affairs.

Jamie Spears has been responsible for both areas almost all the time. In 2019 Jodi Montgomery was temporarily responsible for the management of personal matters. The singer’s wish has been for Montgomery to be appointed to the position on a permanent basis.

Last year, Britney’s lawyer told a Los Angeles court that the singer was afraid of her father.

The issue of guardianship arose again in February, when Framing Britney Spears document was published. It told the story of the pop and the guardianship, but Britney herself wasn’t in that voice.

Now Britney is expected to share her own views on the situation. It is expected that he will be heard in court remotely.

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