Music At Teflon Brothers, city rappers tell stupid jokes to the villagers, and it works year after year: “Our job is to get people to buy drinks because it spins the restaurant.”

Voli, aka Jani Tuohimaa, and Heikki Kuula are the other two members of Teflon Brothers. Now they are talking about the current state of the band without the Saint being present.

Teflon Brothers has personified the Saint, the locomotive of the band. He is not involved in this interview at all. The voices are Heikki Kuula and Voli, the artist and the glue.

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Joke could start like this: Teflon Brothers went into therapy. Except it’s not a joke. The year was 2016 when Teflon Brothers really went into therapy.

Three men in their thirties talked to the couple therapist. There were no fierce disputes either, but the cooperation had to be honed. The therapist presented his assessment of the band’s dynamics: Saint or Mikko Kuoppala is a “locomotive”, Heikki Kuula is an “artist” and Vol or Jani Tuohimaa is “glue”.

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