Music Alexi Laiho selected a hundred guitarists for his Helsinki Festival project, and now the band made a moving video in memory of the guitarist – that’s what it’s like

The 100GuitarsfromHEL for 100 Guitarists, composed by the children of Bodom legend for the Helsinki Festival, received a surprising sequel.

Children guitarist-singer-songwriter who has raised the band of Bodom to world fame Alexi Laiho (1979–2020) has received moving video attributes from 100 guitarists, who were selected by Laiho for the unique project of the Helsinki Festival in 2015 on the basis of video samples from around the world.

It was Laiho 100guitarsfromHELpremiere of the composition for a hundred guitarists and a band at a free concert in Senate Square.

With the video attribute that has just emerged, those who have had time from a hundred guitarists play 41 solos in memory of Laiho, who died at the age of 41 only.

They are included Saaya Suzuki From Japan, Frank Lombardo From Italy, Tuomas Puumalainen and Samuel Honkavaara From Finland and many other 100guitarsfromHEL premieres.

Watch the video below:

“The news of death surprised and shocked us all, ”says one in a hundred guitarists, Samuel Honkavaara.

“Already in 2015, we founded a Facebook group of 100 guitarists, in which Tuomas Puumalainen took the initiative of a common tribute after the news of his death.”

Puumalainen tells HS that making friends around the world was an even bigger thing than the original concert.

“I wanted to send a message to the world about the far-reaching nature of Alex’s music and how it brings together and inspires musicians all over the world,” Puumalainen says.

The format was a compilation of a total of 41 solos composed by Alexi Laiho, and a Canadian Reed Campbell edits the whole.

About a third of the guitarists had time to practice what they thought was a broadcast solo. For example, Puumala and Honkavaara were asked to send additional solos to complete 41 performances.

In the commemorative video, the solos composed by Alexi Laiho go mostly in a way that says that many amateur guitarists continued to practice after 2015 very professionally.

“I also got to know real virtuoso guitarists and learned a lot,” says Honkavaara, who plays in the Rebellix band.

All began with the Festive Weeks ’composition commission and the opportunity to invite a hundred amateur guitarists from around the world. Laiho put together a video and a guitar sample, according to which those who wanted to had to learn as accurately as possible.

HS was present when Laiho began to watch video samples from around the world with a friendly and constructive approach. There were also complete surprises like a hilarious video sent by the Dominante choir.

After selecting one hundred guitarists, organization began into five groups of 20 guitarists, each with their own share. The group leaders were Laiho and Kie Von Hertzen, Timo Kämäräinen, Archie Cruz and Samy Elbanna. In addition, a bassist from Laiho’s credit musicians also participated in the project Jyri Helko and the drummer of Children of Bodom Jaska Raatinen and a keyboard player Janne Wirman.

Next in the video, one hundred guitarists from around the world, selected by Laiho, started training at the Cable Factory. For example, a long jumper and a guitarist had joined Tommi Evilä.

“The trainings were a great experience, as was the party after the training days,” Samuel Honkavaara recalls. “We all made a lot of new friends around the world.”

No huge risk was taken on the balance sheet. Laiho and credit musicians got the bulk of the power of the sound, and a hundred guitarists played with personal small amps.

Large the day came at Senate Square on August 14, 2015. The free concert pulled the square and also the surrounding blocks quite full, as shown in the following video.

“The best moment was on stage in front of such a huge audience,” says Samuel Honkavaara. “It will never be forgotten.”

“I am really happy with the tribute video, ”says Honkavaara.

“It’s a decent tribute to Alex, which I also got to know as The Riff’s bartender at Big Rolla [Iso Roobertinkatu]. It was his heel and there is now one of his guitars in the place of honor. ”

Tribute may also get a sequel with a hundred guitarists.

“It would be great if we could respect Alex even every year. It would be cool, for example, if we could sometimes make a new performance of 100GuitarsfromHEL. ”

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