Music “A world-class sensation goes on sale in Lempäälä” – Sami Taustila tells the special story of the Beatles images found on the trash

Auction entrepreneur Sami Taustila believes that Beatles collectors are going wild to pay hundreds of thousands of euros for cult band slides.

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“After all this world-class sensation ”, Sami Background enthusiastic.

Over the years, surprising stuff has been seen on the lists of Aleksin’s auction room in Lempäälä Speden from the president of the Shah of Iran To Kekkonen donate to the rug.

“It’s all been small compared to this,” says entrepreneur Taustila.

The reason for the enthusiasm is here: 67 slides related to The Beatles will be on sale this fall.

“And they are slides that were thought to have disappeared from the world forever!”

In the background is a multi-generational and colorful story for slides. The starting point is in London in 2001.

“A Finnish-British couple living in West London at the time scurried in front of the record company’s EMI office.”

“After a little rummaging, they picked up a folder that contained 67 photos taken from The Beatles at different times. There were portraits of the band members, shots for record covers and whatever. ”

It took six years and buzz news was printed in the world’s magazines. Record label EMI and Apple Corps, which upholds the rights of The Beatles, had filed a lawsuit against a cleaning company called Crystal Services.

The company was alleged to have destroyed the valuable archive material of the cult band. Clearly marked material had been thrown in the trash for saving. The greatest sadness was caused by 450 lost photographs.

An inexperienced employee of the cleaning service had delivered material to the waste compactor, the market value of which in 2007 was reported at USD 1.4 million.

“The Finnish-British couple remained silent with their discovery for years. They didn’t know how the sections in British law go and what they could do with the pictures, ”says Sami Taustila.

The slides show Apple Corps stamps. Are they a guarantee of originality or, after all, of the fact that it was once widely distributed press material?­

Contact The background came through a mutual friend last year.

“Since then, lawyers have clarified the matter. It is now known that slides can be put up for sale in Finland without any problems. ”

According to Taustila, the authors of the garbage can find publicity and do not want to give interviews even anonymously.

“It is understood that only in this case I’m talking.”

The first data from image discovery have raised conflicting estimates. The slides have had time to be suspected of being the usual press material.

However, Sami Taustila is sure of the uniqueness of the images.

“Imagine what happens when word spreads that a large part of the images lost in 2001 have been saved as if by a miracle,” Sami Taustila glows.

“I am confident that the Beatles collectors’ interest arises immediately. And the value of slides has hardly fallen over the years, at least. I believe that hundreds of thousands of euros will be paid for the pictures. ”

“Know though Ringo Starr would appear to ring the doorbell and ask for pictures, ”Taustila laughs.

“It’s such a case that once the deals are done, I could already consider retiring, the auctioneer will continue to smile.”

Among the slides to be auctioned are shots described in the 1967 Sgt. For Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.­

Before that, however, there is enough hurry and hustle and bustle. For the coming summer, Taustila is preparing to call himself a photographer in Lempäälä Brother Blacksmith new exhibition.

Seppä, who has become public in the great bustle of art counterfeiting, now signs his work in his own name instead of the old masters.

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