Music A new documentary about Britney Spears recalls how the blatantly hateful female-hunting chase was maintained by the media and celebrity culture in the early 2000s

With a documentary produced by The New York Times, public pressure to free Britney Spears from her father’s guardianship has grown.

Last Friday In the United States, a documentary produced by The New York Times was published Framing Britney Spears.

Framing Britney Spears is part of The New York Times’ documentary series for Hulu.­

The documentary put under a magnifying glass a popper’s legal battle against his father’s custody, as well as the concrete consequences of the process. The New York Times-based documentary also gives prestige to the conspiratorial flute-free Free Britney movement.

At the same time, the documentary recalls from our recent history how a blatantly hateful woman-hunting chase was maintained by the media and celebrity culture in the early 2000s.

But the documentary the most pressing question concerns the freedom of a hard-hit pop star.

It describes Spears ’journey from a girl from a poor country family to a child star and a pop princess, and how the current situation has been reached from the pinnacle of a sparkling career. For the past 13 years, Britney Spears has not been able to decide for herself her own career, her health care, her medication, her finances, and probably not who she is close to.

Pictured by Britney Spears in 2003.­

In 2008, the court appointed Spears’ father James “Jamie” Spears and a lawyer Andrew M. Walletin as guardians of the singer. In the United States, a similar guardianship order is usually intended to protect the elderly, the mentally ill, and the seriously ill.

The document highlights the speeches of legal experts who question the nature of long-standing guardianship.

Why does a guardianship agreement seem outwardly more like a money machine? In addition to his salary, Britney Spears’ father receives a certain percentage of his income. At the same time, Spears is in a situation where he pays the salaries of both those who represent him and those who oppose his freedom.

The main issue raised by the document is:

If the swinger isn’t able to take care of his own things, how has he been able to work all these years?

The year 2007 after a famous nervous breakdown, Spears quickly returned to publicity, making music, and performing. He has released a total of five albums since then.

In addition, Spears also had a huge cash mortgage on Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas until 2017, and was scheduled to continue the Las Vegas concert series in the winter of 2019 as Britney: Domination. However, the gigs were canceled.

“My client has told me he’s afraid of his father,” a court-ordered Spears lawyer told the judge in November. “He’s not going to perform as long as his father has power over his career.”

The documentary reveals that Britney Spears opposed her father’s custody from the start. This is what the lawyer interviewed says in the document Samuel D Ingham III, which Spears hired before the court appointed him a lawyer. According to Ingham, Spears did not oppose guardianship per se at the time, but wanted someone outside and independent to play the role of guardian.

Interviewees suggest that Spears has been blackmailed to remain silent if she wants to meet her children. The two boys are cared for by Spears’ ex-husband, the father of the children Kevin Federlinella.

Britney Spears with her sister Jamie Lynn Spears and then-husband Kevin Federline at the 2005 film premiere.­

The document is also a story about Britney Spears fans and especially the sworn characters behind the Free Britney movement. They have gathered to demonstrate in front of the courthouse and got the media interested in the case.

The movement caught fire in the spring of 2019 when Britney’s gram podcast played a voice message from a “credible insider source” that the popper was shut down against his will for treatment during rehearsals in the Domination concert series because he refused to eat his medication.

No major media has ensured the credibility of the source, but since then the Free Britney movement’s main claim has gained more and more space in the traditional media as well: the singer is under the control of his father against his will.

Spears hasn’t given interviews, and no one outside the small circle knows what he really belongs to. That’s why the Free Britney movement has been looking for signs of Spears ’well-being on his Instagram account.

As the documentary points out, anyone can find the things they want in Spears ’some content: The red shirt is a message of distress, the dark shadow in hand is a bruise from the beating.

Jamie Spears has claimed the movement in public as a “joke” and a “conspiracy theory”.

Free Britney activists in front of the Los Angeles Courthouse in November 2020.­

Spears’ attorneys have refuted these allegations. Legal documents show that Spears “appreciates the support it receives from its fans”.

According to lawyers, Jamie Spears seeks to silence the public debate on the subject with his conspiracy allegations. According to them, Britney Spears does not want to keep the custody dispute a secret.

The documentary highlights these already public evidence, through lawyers, of Spears ’real will, which at the same time gives credibility to the Free Britney movement. Meanwhile, Jamie Spears, who is among those who refused to be interviewed, is shown in a suspicious light.

Until the 2008 guardianship agreement, Jamie Spears was an absent and distant figure in her daughter’s life who has suffered from addiction problems in the past and drifted into financial difficulties. Those who worked with Spears’ inner circle recall that Father Spears was mainly interested in how much his daughter could earn.

There are also signs of violence by Jamie Spears, as Kevin Federline has reported his former helper to police. It says Jamie Spears would have beaten the couple’s eldest son.

Britney Spears will play in the Los Angeles Lakers with her sons Sean Federline (left) and Jayden James Federline, as well as her male friend Sam Asghar in November 2017.­

Court document has already had time to tear the veil of secrets around Britney Spears. His long-term partner Sam Ashgari said in the stories sections of Instagram that he does not appreciate Jamie Spears. News about it Los Angeles Times.

“It’s important for people to understand that my appreciation for someone who is trying to control our relationship and constantly stand in the way of our way is a round zero,” he wrote on Instagram on Tuesday morning.

Britney Spears and her partner Sam Asghari at the premiere of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood in the summer of 2019.­

Britney Spears ’Instagram again featured a concert video three years ago in which she performs Toxicsong. It is accompanied by a text which, in an exceptional way, refers to the public debate about him.

“I’ll always love being on stage … but I take a little time to learn what it’s like to be a normal person …” he writes, adding that he enjoys the little things of everyday life.

“Every person has their own story and interpretation of other people’s stories! … In spite of everything, remember that what you imagine you know about another person’s life is nothing compared to what a person’s life really is behind the lens. ”

Some fans claim that the singer has not written her own message.

The biggest move in the case, however, is that the guardianship dispute will return to court as early as this week, says The New York Times. A hearing on the case will be in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Document also rightly demonstrates the role of the media in the course of events that ultimately led to Britney Spears ’guardianship agreement.

“We all wanted a piece of Britney Spears,” admits the repentant paparazzi.

During the heyday of tabloid gossip leaves, Spears ’paparazzi image could cost as much as a million dollars.

The aggressiveness of the singers chasing the singer is scary to watch. At the same time, the intrusive and sexual questions that journalists ask Britney Spears seem incredibly outrageous.

Editor of The New York Times Wesley Morris describes in the documentary the cultural frames that prevailed in the United States when Spears was humiliated in the headlines. It was Bill Clinton the post-sex scandal period, when women’s sexual desire was openly condemned in public.

“The media – tabloids as well as credible quality media – chased women like Spears to publish disturbing details of their lives in order to belittle and resent them for exactly those same details,” as The Washington Post sum in the document estimate.

To counterbalance the victim narrative, the documentary includes video footage of interviews in which Britney Spears holds its own. People who have worked with the singer point out that, contrary to thought, Spears was not just a puppet produced by a pop factory, but had power over his art before his collapse.

Britney Spears at the event unveiling her upcoming Britney: Domination mortgage in Los Angeles. The singer refused to speak or pose at the event but walked straight into his car. Gigs were canceled.­

Framing Britney Spears does not provide much new information on its scandalous subject. Rather, it is a visionary retelling of a popper’s life in public.

The biggest shortcoming – though not surprisingly – of the documentary is that we still don’t know what Britney Spears herself thinks of all of this.

“One day more, Britney will say it all in her own words,” says Britney Spears ’childhood friend and former assistant Felicia Culotta in the document.

In the meantime.


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