Museums Vienna’s museums are now presenting their works of art on Onlyfans, as other Finnish platforms do not allow nudity: “Victims of artificial chastity”

“Vienna and its art institutions are, among others, victims of this new artificiality,” the Vienna Tourist Office writes on its website.

World famous The museums of Vienna are now presenting their collections On the Onlyfans website, because other social media platforms do not allow nudity and thus artistic freedom.

The creation of an Onlyfans account for museum “18+ content” is a rapture by the Vienna Tourist Office, marketing after pandemic restrictions and the collapse of travel, but also an objection to censorship of other platforms.

More than a hundred years ago, the Vienna Sessionists proclaimed the freedom of the arts. ”Der Zeit Ihre Kunst. Der Kunst Ihre Freiheit”Slogan. This summer, the Tiktok account at the Albertina Museum in Vienna was deleted after a presentation by a Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Arakin taken nude.

In 2018, Facebook removed a picture of about 25,000 years old from the account of the Vienna Museum of Natural History From the Venus of Willendorf.

This year, Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram, for their part, prevented the Vienna Leopold Museum from posting a video featuring Koloman Moserin Liebespaarwork from 1913.

Also Egon Schielen works made more than a hundred years ago have fallen into the teeth of censorship, not only on social media but also in urban space in London, for example.

“Vienna and its art institutions are, among others, victims of this new artificiality,” the Vienna Tourist Office writes on its website.

Now Schielen, Moserin, Richard Gerstlin, Amedeo Modiglianin, Heinrich von Ferstelin and the works of others can be seen uncensored virtually in Onlyfans, and of course on site in Vienna’s museums.

Among those who were among the first to subscribe to the “content” of Vienna museums at Onlyfans, they also receive either the Vienna City Card (free public transport and reduced ticket prices to many tourist destinations) or a ticket to one of the participating museums, Albertina, Leopold, Vienna Art History Museum and Natural History Museum.

Amedeo Modigliani: The Sitting Model, 1916.

Vienna spokesman for the tourist office Helena Hartlauer told the British newspaper The Guardianthat it has been “almost impossible” for the city and its cultural institutions to use nudity in their marketing materials.

“When you think of Schiele’s self-portrait from 1910, it’s one of the most iconic works of art. If they can’t be used in a huge communication medium like social media, it’s unfair and frustrating, ”Hartlauer told The Guardian.

Hartlauer admitted to the magazine that the Vienna Tourist Office and the city’s Art Collections are in a clearly better position than individual artists who have to endure censorship of social media platforms.

Onlyfans was founded in 2016. The platform has provided all kinds of authors with the opportunity to freely publish nude images and pornographic content to subscribers. Over the last couple of years, its popularity has grown exponentially. Currently, the company pays more than $ 300 million to more than a million content providers, or about $ 260 million a month.

In the summer, Onlyfans had already decided to ban the publication of pornographic content from October due to increased pressure from payment service providers, but only a few days passed after the ensuing uproar and the company reversed its decision.

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