Museums | The future AD museum in Helsinki received a donation from Japan

The financing of the new Museum of Architecture and Design is to be decided within this year.

Helsinki The new architecture and design museum planned for Eteläranta has received a donation from the Japanese media company Asahi Shimbun. The donation has been allocated to the museum’s development work, the foundation promoting the museum project says in its press release. The amount was not made public.

“The sum is not massive, but it is a significant demonstration of willingness to cooperate,” characterizes the project manager Kaarina Gould.

Asahi Shimbun publishes one of Japan’s largest newspapers. In connection with the company’s donation to the architecture and design museum, it has been agreed to hold several exhibitions presenting Finnish design in Japan.

The design museum has also previously produced exhibitions of Finnish design in Japan in cooperation with the Asahi Shimbun company.

The museum the making of financial decisions planned for this spring has been moved to next autumn due to the additional investigations to be done with the project.

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“The changes in the operating environment have been so significant during the past year that the implementation model of the construction project is still being clarified,” says Gould.

The city of Helsinki, the state of Finland and a number of private parties have conditionally committed to funding the establishment of the museum. Due to the elections, state decision-making will probably be moved to next fall, Gould estimates.

HS will report in April 2021 three major private financiers committed to the funding of the pending museum.

For example, the Jane and Aatos Erko foundation committed to the project with a significant investment of 20 million euros. The initial promise of the Finnish Cultural Fund is at least two million euros, and the Svenska kulturfonden two million euros. In addition to these, the Saastamoinen Foundation has also made a conditional donation decision of one million euros.

The design competition for the new museum building is planned to be launched during the fall of 2023.

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Situation according to Gould, in terms of the new museum concept and the design of the museum building, it is really good and the willingness of the financiers to complete the museum is strong.

“We are a long way from both the museum concept and the design of the new museum building. In addition, even a small international donation is a big message that this is expected around the world.”

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