Museums Seurasaari open-air museum is looking for an ordinary “life-seeing” summer cottage – the future entity will present cottage culture as the first museum in Finland

The selected cottage would be moved to Seurasaari in three years.

Seurasaari the open-air museum is looking for a “life-seeing” cottage for its building collection. The National Museum is planning an ensemble presenting Finnish cottage on the shores of Seurasaari. The cottage yard district is scheduled to open to the public in 2026.

The cottage to be moved will be sought through a continuous open search until the autumn, and the cottage would be moved to Seurasaari in 2024.

With the summer cottage, the open-air museum presents Finnish cottage culture as the first museum in Finland. The purpose of the yard district is to introduce tourists to Finnish cottage life, for example.

National Museum According to the press release, the search is for an ordinary Finnish summer cottage, which was built after the war and has been in use until recent years. The building sought could be, for example, a cottage giving way to a new summer home.

“We are interested in a cottage that has been in use and has seen time and life. The way of construction does not matter, but the cottage is allowed to carry stories and memories from the time when it has been in use, ”curator of the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum Mikko Teräsvirta The Finnish National Museum reports in a press release.

The upcoming summer cottage complex will tell about the ways of spending free time and the increase in leisure homes after the war. The Seurasaari Open-Air Museum presents Finnish architectural heritage and housing from the 17th century to the 20th century.

The museum is the largest open-air museum in Finland, which currently includes almost 90 buildings. The mobile home would be its first new building in 40 years.



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