Municipal policy Juhana Vartiainen’s reign began in Helsinki – Elina Valtonen, Minja Koskela and Harry Harkimo started in the City Council under new names

Helsinki’s new city council met for the first time on Monday and officially approved the members of the new mayor and the city government and boards.

Power changed in Helsinki when the new city council elected in the June elections began its term.

In the evening, at the first council meeting, the new decision-makers formally approved the new mayor. At the same time, the configurations of the city council and board as well as the various boards were elected.

Helsinki the new mayor is the coalition Juhana Vartiainen, 63.

The city mayor will continue as deputy mayors Anni Sinnemäki (green), 48, and Nasima Razmyar (sd), 36, responsible for education and training in the new term of office.

They started as new deputy mayors Daniel Sazonov (kok), 28, and Paavo Arhinmäki (left), 44. Sazonov took over the social and health service, and Arhinmäki became the deputy mayor of culture and leisure.

In the city, the greatest power is exercised by the council, but the mayor is the supreme operative power. He has significantly more power than the deputy mayors.

Former mayor ending his term on Friday Jan Vapaavuori (kok) on repeatedly saidthat the still life of the mayor model, in which “the winner becomes the mayor and the losers the deputy mayors,” leads to a frustrating race for decision-making.

“The mayoral model leads to the thinking that it is in the interest of competitors that the mayor does not succeed,” he said to Ilta-Sanomat.

What does the new mayor Vartiainen think about this?

“If that’s really the case, the problem is obviously huge. After all, there are structural preconditions for such a situation. It’s exciting, ”he says.

However, Vartiainen says that he is leaving as mayor to create a good team spirit between the new decision-makers and to discuss issues in a “Swedish way” by making compromises.

“So don’t walk over anyone. Must form a good team. Decision-making in which everyone sub-optimizes does not work. ”

City Council the chair’s seat will remain green, and for the next four years the mallet will wave Fatim Diarra. The council elected him as the first vice-chairman Wille Rydman (Kok) and Second Vice-Chair Cloud Thursday (sd).

Many old veterans continue on the council, but several of the biggest rakes in the municipal elections in Helsinki are new names as city decision-makers: the Coalition Party Elina Valtonen, the Left Alliance Minja Koskela and Movement Nytin Harry Harkimo started with a strong mandate after receiving big pots.

City council at the previous decision-making level, ie the city government has 15 members. The city government exercises significant power, as the decisions agreed there are seldom changed in the deliberations of the city council.

In the new term, the board will sit in addition to the mayoral coalition Sari Sarkomaa, Maarit Vierunen and Anniina Iskanius, green Reetta Vanhanen, Tuomas Rantanen and Johanna Nuorteva mixed Elisa Gebhard (sd), Minja Koskela (vas), Jussi Halla-aho (ps) and Marcus Rantala (rkp).

Before the city council and board, decisions are prepared by boards and boards. Deputy mayors exercise power by chairing a board of their own industry.



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