Municipal policy Espoo gets new political leaders: Henna Partanen to chair council, Henrik Vuornos to city council

Four delegates became the vice-chairmen of the Espoo City Council.

Espoo on Monday, the city council elected a new city council presidency.

The Greens took the chair Henna Partanen. Elected first vice-chairman At Jarno Liml (kok), second Markku Sistonen (sd) and third Simo Grönroos (ps).

The term of office of the Bureau extends from this autumn to May 2022.

In the process the city council elected a new city government for a term that runs from this fall to may 2023.

He rose to become chairman of the city board Henrik Vuornos (Kok), as Vice-Chairman Tiina Elo (Green) and Second Vice-Chair Maria Guzenina (sd).


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