Municipal elections “Unreal”, Juhana Vartiainen answers in her swimming trunks – the future mayor of Helsinki tells how she feels now and what she wants to change first

Monday was Juhana Vartiainen’s first day as the future mayor. In honor of that, he went swimming.

If This would be the reality TV format Monday would have been Juhana Vartiainen day.

People grumble and breathe congratulations when Vartiainen walks into the Helsinki Swimming Stadium. A woman dressed in a black swimsuit is overjoyed to see Vartiainen at the ticket counter in line.

“You are in it! After all, I watched you on TV, ”the woman sighs.

“Listen, could I wedge past the sun in this queue when I have to change to a 50-centimeter?”

Of course, Vartiainen answers, and the woman slips to the counter.

Vartiainen likes this kind of mood: when you want something, you can say it directly.

Juhana Vartiainen swam two kilometers at the Swimming Stadium on Monday.

Coalition won the municipal elections on Sunday both nationally and in Helsinki.

It meant that Monday was Juhana Vartiainen’s first day as mayor of Helsinki, at least in a way.

The official mayoral election will not be made until August in the city council, but in practice it is still almost clear that Vartiainen is. He collected 13,884 votes from Helsinki and was the best man in his party.

Vartiainen is a Member of Parliament, and therefore a face familiar to many. On Monday, many city dwellers recognized Helsinki’s new host and wanted to congratulate them.

Juhanaaa, a passing man screams and whips the Guard on his shoulder.

How does it feel, the attention bubbling everywhere and the fact that the media is coming all the way to the pool?

“Unreal,” Vartiainen replies in his swimming trunks. “But I’ve gotten used to it as a politician. There was talk with his wife that now he can no longer quarrel and spit in public on the street. ”

The guard places the swimming goggles on his head and dives into the water. Today he is not in a great hurry.

“Now you can’t argue and spit in public on the street anymore.”

It probably a good thing, as Vartiainen’s night’s sleep was short the night after the election.

He only got to bed after two, and in the morning the alarm clock was already ringing at 6.15. On Monday morning, Vartiainen was interviewed by YLE before seven.

The future mayor arrived for Yle to be interviewed after a short night’s sleep just before seven in the morning.

The Coalition’s sound rake Elina Valtonen told HS previouslythat he and Vartiainen had time to take a fresh look at Helsinki’s balance sheet on election night. While waiting for the election results to be completed on Sunday, Vartiainen promised to drink champagne from the mouth of the bottle if the victory comes.

Did you look at the balance sheet?

“A little glance.”

Did you drink from the mouth of the bottle?

“I drank from a glass and burned one cigar in honor of the party,” Vartiainen says. It was Cuban, Partagás D4.

The guard is in a good mood despite a few sleeps. He responds patiently, even though on Monday everyone asks the same things over and over again.

Between seven and eight in the morning, Vartiainen gave four interviews to Yle’s various media. Seemed to be a smooth time routine.

Journalist Olli-Pekka Kursi interviewed Juhana Vartiainen live.

Let’s now ask this: what kind of mayor will Helsinki make of you?

“I represent a Swedish-style management style. Everyone is heard, but I am not afraid to disagree. I am always of the opinion that the cat should be brought to the table. ”

“I hate the waste of public money.”

Vartiainen sees that there are two important things in Helsinki that need to be taken care of first.

The first is the welfare debt, by which he means the nausea that the townspeople have accumulated during the pandemic. Loneliness, mental health problems, unlearned things.

Another target of Vartiainen’s energy will be the city’s strategy. Vartiainen ponders aloud whether there is a structural flaw in the budgeting of projects when prices tend to swell. In his opinion, it would be good to have an economic evaluation council in Helsinki.

“I hate the waste of public money.”

Journalist Veera Paananen interviewed Juhana Vartiainen about HS’s broadcast.

63 years oldS Vartiainen is from Helsinki. The city’s Art Nouveau center in particular is dear to the future mayor. He spent his childhood in Kontula, The Hague and Töölö.

Now he lives in Kruununhaka, from where he treads on his small black folding bicycle.

“At the traffic lights, I get a shout out.”

Helsinki is full of important places for Vartiainen. Central Park, the Houses of Music, Finland and Parliament, as well as the Finnish co-educational school for boys, which was once located behind the National Museum.

“Then Nervanderinkatu had a kind of school clerk on duty who had to be afraid. Hit hard. There is no such thing in Helsinki anymore, but it is safe for the city to move around. ”

Juhana Vartiainen mainly travels on his folding bicycle.

The guard has uncomplicatedness, which is probably special as measured by any of the world’s mayoral index. He seems to be equally at home among the townspeople, both in the pool half-naked and when pedaling around the city with a tie fluttering.

“At the traffic lights, I get a shout out. I like that. ”

Juhana Vartiainen says that she gets a lot of feedback when moving around the city. Most of the feedback is good.

Helsinki the future mayor has also lived in Stockholm, Paris and London. According to Vartiainen, Helsinki is a bit too small, but growing in the right direction.

According to Vartiainen, the positions of the ruling parties in Helsinki are quite similar in terms of the direction in which the city should be developed. While the political debate is at times tearing, the views of the parties are eventually close to each other.

To the resigning mayor of Helsinki Jan to the Free Mountain The guard is well spaced. Vapaavuori became known as a terrible rebel general, who spoke his mouth clean and, if necessary, took a firm stand with the government.

Vartiainen says that the straight line is not foreign to him either.

“In my characteristic milieu, there is a presenter and an opponent. I like to argue as long as it is polite and kind. ”

Like Vapaavuori, Vartiainen opposes military reform. There is nothing wrong with that for Helsinki, he says.

“It would mean that more and more Helsinki residents will have to pay for their own healthcare as the queues for health centers lengthen. It does not solve the basic problem of lack of resources. ”

Juhana Vartiainen recommends a nap for everyone.

Mayor washed is a combination of politician and civil servant work. Vartiainen describes the wash ahead as the most difficult of his career.

Or so he assumes – you can’t know for sure.

One of the things left to see in the department is how the new mayor will endure the so-called bullshit, which is always associated with politics.

If there is a lot of it at the national level, municipal policy still has its own chapter. The mayor also chairs the city council.

“There is a lot of ideological talk in the council. I think the mayor doesn’t have to be active in all things. I am often asked how Kruunusilta, what about Malmi and Elieli Square, but they are not the mayor’s affairs to decide. Let’s see where time and energy are enough. ”

“The mayor doesn’t have to be active in all things.”

Juhana The guard is used to pressing for a long day. He doesn’t tend to count his working hours, but on a weekly basis, there would be a lot of them anyway, he says.

He often wakes up in the morning, reads the magazines and responds to messages, and then sleeps for a while longer.

In the afternoons, he tends to take a nap, 10 to 15 minutes.

“I recommend it to everyone.”

In addition to cycling, Juhana Vartiainen likes Nordic walking and going to concerts.

In the program of the first post-election day, in addition to bathing and interviews, he has remote meetings and in the evening an organizational meeting of the Coalition Council’s group.

Leadership begins now, Vartiainen says. He laughs that his hobby is a fiscal hawk.

“I don’t sign claims at all that things would be bad in Helsinki somehow, but my goal is to improve the city every year. On the public side, there is always room for improvement in the use of resources. ”

The swimming stadium show was the first of the summer for Vartiainen.



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