Municipal elections To whom does the municipality of Helsinki and the kingdom pass? HS’s Election Studio will monitor the elections today from 7 p.m.

The election night broadcast tells about the twists and turns of the municipal elections, especially in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

11.6. 5:30 p.m. | Updated 11:08

Municipal elections culminate on a Sunday night. HS’s Election Studio will be present in the exciting twists and turns of election night from 7 pm and will show the crucial moments live. The situation of advance votes will be published at 8 pm. The election result will traditionally begin to take shape at around 11 pm.

The Election Studio, which will be broadcast from Sanomatalo, will be hosted by HS’s editors Susanne Salmi and Jaakko Lyytinen. They monitor the progress of the vote count together with the sharpest commentators and report in particular on the reversals in the metropolitan area. The national situation is also discussed extensively.

HS policy editor Marko Junkkari and IS policy provider Timo Haapala while interviewing party chairmen at Yle’s studio in Pasila.

HS looks Competing for the position of mayor of Helsinki Juhana Vartiainen (kok) and Anni Sinnemäki (green) interviews live immediately after the announcement of advance votes.

The race for Helsinki’s largest party and mayor’s seat is very tight. Published by HS in early June in the poll the coalition led the greens scarce.

The one who becomes the largest party will most likely get his or her own candidate for the next mayor of Helsinki.

Straight The resigning mayor of Helsinki, among others, will also visit the broadcast Jan Vapaavuori (Kok), Deputy Mayor Nasima Razmyar (sd), policy researcher Emilia Palonen and the chairman of the Coalition Parliamentary Group Kai Mykkänen.

The election studio visits the party election observers in the Helsinki metropolitan area and asks for fresh news from interesting candidates in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Here’s how to follow HS’s municipal election coverage:

1) The entire election result from the Result Service

At the results service will show up-to-date information on the election result at the level of the whole country, municipality and constituency after eight o’clock in the evening. Will your own candidate get through, and how did you vote in your home corners? You can also view the results of candidates and parties.

2) Find your candidate on the election machine

The polling stations will close on Sunday at 8 pm On the HS election machine at There are the views of more than 16,000 candidates. In total, there are more than 30,000 candidates.

3) The hottest topics in the election report

Election Report News Blog will become an even more closely updated live follow-up on Election Day, telling the most interesting phenomena and topics of conversation. The election report should be followed throughout the evening: it will not be silenced until the results have been chewed.

4) News, reports and analyzes

Decision-makers are now being elected in 293 municipalities in mainland Finland and 16 municipalities in Åland. Which party wins, which faces a stinging defeat? Will new forces rise to power? In the evening, will tell you what the result means nationwide and in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The national situation was reported by, among others, HS’s political journalists Teemu Luukka, Teemu Muhonen, Teija Sutinen, Elina Kervinen and Paavo Teittinen.

The situation in Helsinki is monitored and analyzed by city journalists Veera Paananen and Noona Bäckgren.

The city journalist opens the significance of the Espoo election result Kaisu Moilanen and the situation in Vantaa is explained by a journalist specializing in Vantaa’s policy Marja Salomaa.

HS is also present in several other large cities and frame municipalities in the Helsinki metropolitan area. News and reports explain and show the backgrounds of the election result both on election day and on the Monday after the election.

Noona Bäckgren

All HS election stories are available at election.



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