Municipal elections Three jumpers to nominate basic Finns in Vantaa

Two members of the Coalition Party and one centrist will run for the party.

Vantaa In the spring municipal elections, three Finns, two from the Coalition Party and one from the center will be nominated for basic Finns.

“There would have been more newcomers, but they did not pass the screen,” the chairman of the basic Finns in Vantaa Tomi Salin says.

The Coalition Party ranks are becoming candidates Markku Weckman and Pekka Virkamäki, from the center to the former chairman of the local branch of the party Teemu Purojärvi.

The Basic Finns of Vantaa previously assured that jumpers would not be accepted as candidates for the party. According to Tomi Salin, an exception can be made for some well-known names if they pass the party’s tight screen.

HS said earlierthat Weckman, 77, had resigned from the Coalition. He is one of the longest-standing delegates in Vantaa and has represented the Coalition there for 24 years. Now he is becoming a candidate for basic Finns.

“I thought we’d look at this card too now,” Weckman says, adding that by taking a jump, he takes a conscious risk. He says he has long been dissatisfied with the Coalition Party’s line. “The patriotic idea has faded.”

Pekka Virkamäki has been the Coalition Party’s representative on the council from 2000 to 2008. He worked as the director of construction supervision in Vantaa until last year, when he retired. Vantaa Sanomat in an interview, he said he resigned from the Coalition Party after the party approved the council’s increase in property tax and the cost of planning a quick crate.

Teemu Purojärvi, 43, was a candidate for the center in the previous municipal elections, but was not elected. He served as chairman of the Vantaa branch in the city center until February, when he had to resign due to a fuss.

Purojärvi had written on Twitter that the Green MEP Alvina Alametsä “Is proud of the sexual harassment she has experienced”. He later apologized for his remarks, stating that he did not understand the meaning of the verb boast and condemned sexual harassment in all cases.

“It was kind of the last staple. I had been pressured to resign earlier, ”says Purojärvi, who works in the social field.

He thinks the center has forgotten its embryonic roots in defending the disadvantaged. “The party is struggling with weak support figures, and the uncertainty is reflected in internal power struggles.”

He is also dissatisfied that the center has forgotten the cities in its policy.


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