Municipal elections Those who received the harshest convictions for sexual offenses were excluded from councils

A basic Finn convicted of aggravated sexual exploitation of a child was elected to the Kannonkoski Council as a deputy.

13.6. 21:12 | Updated 13.6. 23:49

To the public rose municipal election candidates guilty of sexual offenses remained outside the councils of their municipalities. Helsingin Sanomat reported at the end of May that four municipal election candidates had received a recent conviction for a sexual offense against a child.

One of them was elected as a deputy to the municipal council.

Candidates run for the council on the lists of basic Finns and the Coalition Party. In addition, one candidate from the center has been convicted of raping and coercing an adult into sexual activity.

HS passed the final verdict of the candidates in the municipal elections 2016–2021.

Outrageous convicted of sexual exploitation, defamation, embezzlement and counterfeiting of a child Raimo Kalevi Helenius, 63, received five votes on the lists of Kannonkoski’s basic Finns.

On the basis of five votes, he is authorized as a reserve, when all the votes of Kannonkoski had been counted.

Helsingin Sanomat published the name of Helenius due to the social status, crime and conviction of the municipal candidate. The 1-year and 10-month sentence Helen received was very much a sexual offense.

Helenius did not tell his basic Finns about his verdict, so the local organization reacted strongly. At first, the candidate was completely covered by a streetside election poster, and later the Basic Finns exchanged the entire poster from all the racks.

On the actual result day, Helenius received one vote from Kannonkoski and four advance votes before that.

Second The man on the lists of Leppävirta’s basic Finns, who received the most severe punishment for the sexual offense against a child, was also excluded from the council. The Pohjois-Savo District Court sentenced him to 10 months’ probation in October 2018 for the sexual exploitation of a child.

The man received so few votes from Leppävira that he did not reach the council.

Oulainen the man on the Coalition lists, in turn, was convicted of attracting a child for sexual purposes. The sentence was 5 months probation.

The man received a number of votes that did not surprise the Oulainen council, even the reserve.

Kangasalan the man on the Coalition lists and convicted of child sexual abuse was also left out of the council. The Turku Court of Appeal upheld his sentence of 65 days in March 2018.

After 100 percent of the votes had been counted in Kangasala, the man had received a number of votes that would not rise to the Kangasala Council.

Oulu tried and convicted of rape against an adult Markku Tapio Niemi, 60, he was also left without a council seat. In November 2018, the Rovaniemi Court of Appeal upheld the verdict that Niemi was guilty of rape and coercion into sexual activity.

Niemi received 1 year and 8 months in prison in November 2018. In addition to parole, he was sentenced to 70 hours of community service. Helsingin Sanomat published his name due to the social status, crime and conviction of the municipal candidate.

Niemi received seven advance votes and four votes on election day, which did not remove the council seat or the reserve seat.

Helsinki Sanomat visited the election spring and summer go through the criminal backgrounds of a wide range of candidates. As a result of journalistic deliberation, some of the final judgments were also published under the name.

Candidate of the Vantaa Coalition Party, Chairman of the South Vantaa Coalition Party Markus Aarnio, 61, received four months probation in October 2017 for aggravated drunk driving.

In May 2017, he blew 3.25 per thousand readings into a police breathalyzer.

After 23:00 on Sunday evening, 120 votes had been counted for Aarnio, on the basis of which he was not rising to the Vantaa Council. Sometimes during the counting of votes, he was in the reserve, when less than half of Vantaa’s votes had been counted.

Helsingin Sanomat published Aarnio’s name because of his position of trust. HS wrote about the case without the name of the convict as early as March, after the parties had made preliminary lists of candidates for the municipal elections.

Espoo residents the crystal party lists sought to decide things Miikka Peuravirta, 38, who was convicted of assault and illegal threat in October 2016.

HS published the name Peuravirta, because he came to the public of his own volition in February 2021. At that time, Peuravirta, who had nuts in the cabin of an aircraft, refused to use a face mask on a domestic flight and received a written warning and a flight ban from Finnair.

The deer flow received 72 votes from the people of Espoo, when 66 per cent of the votes had been counted after 11.30 pm on Sunday evening. Among other things, the party that opposed the interest rate restrictions had received 0.4 per cent of the votes from the people of Espoo on Sunday night, and it was not getting any municipal councilors to decide on the issues of the people of Espoo.

One convicted of financial crimes and tried for the Helsinki Municipal Council is a former presidential candidate Pekka Tiainen, 69. Tiainen, who appears on his own list of candidates, received four months’ probation, which was upheld by the Court of Appeal in March 2017.

HS published Tiainen’s name because of his long and visible career as a politician and civil servant. The charge of the crime has been reported in the newspaper before.

Tiainen did not gain the trust of the people of Helsinki, as he had received ten votes on Sunday evening after 11.30 pm. By comparison, he was the last of a total of 1,163 candidates.



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