Municipal elections The Coalition Party took first place in Turku – Minna Arve on her way to mayor

The basic Finns increased their seats, and the Sdp took a better result than expected.

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In Turku the municipal elections were also mayoral elections, as the candidate for the largest party is very likely to become the new mayor of the city.

As expected, the Coalition took the top spot with 23.2 percent of the vote. In the previous election, the Greens, who took second place, remained at 14.4 per cent and dived in fourth place.

In second place past the Greens was the Sdp with 18.5 per cent of the vote and third with the left with 16.2 per cent. The Greens lost four seats on the council.

The Coalition Party’s mayoral candidate is the current mayor Go to Invoice. As the mayoral candidate of the largest party, he will be able to start mayoral negotiations. The future mayor will eventually be elected by the council.

“All in all, it looks good at this point. The Coalition Party is the largest, and personally it is also doing well, ”Mayor Arve replied to Helsingin Sanomat in the middle of a busy election night.

“At this point, I can’t say anything about the future other than that Luke Hradecky Turku’s honorary citizenship must be granted. Together with other parties, we intend to build Turku forward as one of Finland’s strongest cities, and to do so responsibly. “

The Coalition Party’s Minna Arve is seeking the position of mayor.

From the familiar names of politics, as expected, the big catch gathered the left Li Andersson (5,000 votes), the SDP’s Lindén (4,374 votes) and the Coalition Party Ilkka Kanerva (1,790 votes) and Petteri Orpo (2,145 votes).

In the process During the period, basic Finns had five seats in the Turku Council with 7.4 per cent support. The representation of basic Finns in the council increased to nine places with a vote catch of 13.2 per cent.

The leading candidate for basic Finns was a Member of Parliament Ville Tavio (3,886 votes), which was third in the votes of the whole city behind Andersson and Lindén.

The center remained at 4.5 per cent, the RKP at about 5.5 per cent, the Movement Now at 2.2 per cent and the Christian Democrats at 1.4 per cent.

Member of Parliament Ville Tavio collected votes for basic Finns in Turku.

The key issues for Turku City Council during the current period have been stretched construction projects. The renovation of the market, the market park and the funicular have been on display in the public, but new projects are already planned.

Due to the SDP’s good and the Greens’ weak vote, the order of the parties will change behind the Coalition Party. However, Mayor and possibly future mayor Minna Arve believes that Turku can be built forward together, regardless of the order of the parties.

“Cooperation has basically taken place with everyone, and there will be some change in the order of the parties for the other parties. There will certainly be slightly different issues to discuss, but all four major parties are building Turku together. ”

Plans to build a new concert hall and tramway divide the townspeople. The city is in debt, so future decision-makers will have to make demanding decisions about where to cut and where to invest.

Turku will switch to the mayoral model

The future mayor of Turku will eventually be elected by the council. The elected mayor will begin negotiations with the other parties.

The aim is to have a mayoral agreement that includes the key objectives of the term of office and the economic benchmarks.

In addition, deputy mayors are elected, and their responsibilities are agreed.

The mayor is responsible for the previous duties of mayor and chairman of the city government.

Tampere adopted the mayoral model in 2007 and Helsinki in 2017.



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