Municipal elections Parties nominate more candidates to their lists due to postponement of municipal elections – Center, Basic Finns and Coalition Party increase their number of candidates by about 300

Parties and electoral associations must submit their list of candidates by 4 pm on Tuesday.

Parties have received more candidates on their lists due to the postponement of municipal elections. According to Tuesday afternoon’s data, the number of candidates from both basic Finns, the Coalition Party and the city center has risen by about 300 since March.

The information will be updated on Tuesday evening. Parties and electoral associations must submit their list of candidates to the municipal central election commissions by 4 p.m.

The nomination and election numbers of the candidates will be confirmed on Friday, May 14th. Advance voting in the home country begins on May 26 and ends on June 8, with the actual election day being June 13.

The most there are still candidates in the center, which, according to the afternoon, has a total of about 6,820 candidates. That’s 600 candidates less than four years ago, but the party secretary Riikka Pirkkalainen is still satisfied. The postponement of the election brought time to gather about 300 more candidates.

The center set a target of the last number of candidates for all municipalities.

“We are over 90% in the last number of candidates, and I am pleased with that. There are complete lists in key provincial centers such as Jyväskylä, Kuopio and Oulu. The number of candidates made progress in Vantaa, for example, and in many places in our support areas there are big leaps forward, ”says Pirkkalainen.

With the Coalition there were more than 5,900 candidates in the afternoon, more than the last number of candidates in the municipal elections.

Basic Finns have a party secretary Simo Grönroosin about 5,900 candidates are also known. It is a significant improvement on the last municipal election, leaving the party with about 3,800 candidates.

Both the Coalition Party and the Basic Finns acquired about 300 more candidates in recent weeks.

“We have come down with really many elections, like all the big old parties, and now the direction has been reversed. It’s a big deal mentally, ”the Coalition Party Secretary Kristiina Kokko says.

According to him, the background is hard organizational work and dissatisfaction with government policy.

“Every candidate should be really happy. It takes a lot of people to expose themselves to election work, ”says Kokko.

According to the size, the acquisition of candidates went particularly well in Uusimaa, where the Coalition Party now has more than a thousand candidates.

Sdp was even before the postponement of municipal elections lagged behind the number of candidates from other major parties. Party Secretary Antton Rönnholm tentatively estimates that there would now be around 5,600 candidates.

The SDP target was 6,000 candidates, which was not achieved. According to Rönnholm, the nomination reflected the spirit of generational change and such thinking that when the SDP now has good poll support, even younger people can start taking responsibility.

The largest decrease in the number of candidates was in those municipalities where the population has decreased anyway.

Left Alliance the number of candidates will fall slightly compared to the previous election, says the party secretary Mikko Koallinen To STT. According to him, there are now about 3,000 candidates, compared to the last more than 3,200. After the postponement of the election, about 200 more new candidates were collected.

The number of candidates for the Greens will probably be around 2,800, compared to 2,600 in the last municipal elections. The Greens will put the list of candidates in more than 200 municipalities in this election, ie more than in the last election. Completely new municipalities for green candidates are, for example, Evijärvi, Virrat and Posio, the party secretary of the Greens Brother Liikanen says.

The number of candidates for the RKP is about 1,380 and higher than in the recent municipal elections. Most recently, the party had more than 1,320 candidates.

The Christian Democrats now have about 1,930 candidates, slightly less than last time. Movement Now, according to the afternoon, there were about 500 candidates.

From the lists new candidates have also been offset by cancellations.

For example, the Coalition Party’s municipal election candidate, a former MEP Eija-Riitta Korhola withdrew her candidacy in Helsinki on Tuesday and expressed the reason for his dissatisfaction with the Coalition Party’s activities in the EU’s stimulus package in Parliament. The Coalition Party intends to abstain, which, according to Korhola, who opposes the stimulus package, will ensure that the package passes in Finland.

The Coalition Party’s list in Helsinki will not be incomplete, but Korhola’s place will be filled from the waiting list.

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