Municipal elections Movement Now gaining another seat in the Helsinki Council – this is how small parties have received votes

The Feminist Party, for its part, is losing its seat on the council.

Movement Two seats are now coming to the Helsinki Council, when more than 50 per cent of Helsinki’s votes had been cast. About half past eleven was going to the Helsinki Council in the evening Hjallis Harkimo With 1,852 votes and his son Joel Harkimo With 597 votes.

The movement is now a party founded in November 2019. In the 2019 parliamentary elections, the Movement Now received just over a hundred candidates, but now in the municipal elections it received about 500 candidates from all over Finland. The party had 62 candidates in Helsinki, 32 candidates in Espoo and 30 candidates in Vantaa. In polls, the party’s support has risen to just over a couple of percent in a couple of years.

Hjallis Harkimo, chairman of the Movement Nyt, was pleased with the number of votes the party received.

Harkimo stressed that the party has campaigned on a small budget and had only candidates in 80 municipalities.

“Our budget was 200,000 euros. In addition, I paid for one ad in Helsingin Sanomat. People have formed local associations themselves, and their making has been based on a passion for new policies.”

Former party secretary of the SDP, one of the founders of Liike Nyt Mikael Jungner was leaving Helsinki in reserve.

The business is now attracted especially to them, which are not addressed by traditional party politics. Party Secretary Juhani Klemetin according to about 80 percent of the candidates came from outside politics.

Movement Nyt’s practices traditionally differ from those of parties. Its municipal election program was only a couple of pages long, and the online parliament is central to the line-up. The party has competed especially with the Coalition for the same voters.

Crystal Party seems to remain on the beach from the Helsinki Council, when more than 50 percent of Helsinki’s votes have been counted. The most prominent candidate of the Crystal Party, the welfare coach Maria Nordin, which has become known especially for the controversial Get rid of the symptoms awareness course, had about half past eleven received 189 votes.

Overall, the crystal party’s election result shows only 0.4 percent in the unfinished phase.

The Crystal Party is a newcomer to the Finnish party field. The Crystal Party promotes alternative treatment methods, spiritual values, nature conservation, Finland’s secession from the EU and the reform of drug policy. Although the party is relatively new, it had 20 candidates in Helsinki, 8 in Espoo and five in Vantaa.

Feminist the party is also losing its seat in the Helsinki council on the basis of preliminary calculations. Party chairman and city councilor Katju Aro had about half past eleven received 615 votes and was falling out of the council.

The feminist party was entered in the party register in January 2017. The party’s value base is liberal and it defends all minorities in the name of equality. Feminism is reflected, among other things, in the party’s desire to break down gender stereotypes hidden in structures.

In addition, the party wants to address sexual harassment through norm-critical teaching and dismantle the gendered distribution of learning outcomes by addressing norms of masculinity that the party considers harmful.

The party had 29 municipal election candidates in Helsinki, the most well-known of which, in addition to Aro, is the author Ossi Nyman. He became famous in 2017 “Ideologically unemployed”



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