Municipal elections Mikael Jungner, Fatim Diarra and 14 others try to talk into each other’s swamp – HS’s Virtual Electoral Market starts at 3 p.m.

“Many give the impression that the matter is decisive, but it is not,” says Unto Hämäläinen, the judge of the HS rhetoric competition. Democracy event The virtual election market starts at 3 pm. Live broadcast at

Helsingin sanomat newspaper will be held on Sunday from 3pm to 5pm Virtual Electoral Market Democracy Event, at the center of which is a live rhetoric competition broadcast at

In it, 16 municipal election candidates from Espoo, Vantaa and Helsinki compete in an important sport for politicians: speaking skills. The judges of the competition are the political journalist Unto Hämäläinen and a political scientist Johanna Vuorelma.

The Coalition will compete in eloquence Mervi Katainen, Christian Democrats Mika Ebeling, Sdp: n Elisa Gebhard, Movement Nytin Mikael Jungner, basic Finns Suvi Karhu, Sdp: n Sami Kuusela, downtown Eeva Kärkkäinen, the Coalition Party Daniel Sazonov, the Left Alliance Tuomas Nevanlinna, green Saara Hyrkkö, rkp: n Päivi Puntila, downtown Ville-Veikko Rantamaula, green Fatim Diarra, rkp: n Nicolas Sjöberg, the Left Alliance Meri Valkama and basic Finns Mika Raatikainen.

In addition to the rhetoric competition, viewers will be able to visit the parties ’virtual election tents. We asked the judges of the competition what the role of rhetorical skills in the politician profession really is.

With gifts of speech The higher a politician in his career, the more important it is, says Unto Hämäläinen. In municipal elections, voters say he may not yet pay much attention to the rhetorical skills of the candidates.

“But at the stage when you are a minister in parliament or fighting for top positions, yes it matters.”

Political journalist Unto Hämäläinen.

The wider the number to be appealed to, the more the importance of skills grows, according to Hämäläinen. He gives a timely example Katri Kulmunista, who left in 2019 to run for the presidency of the center.

My eyebrows felt insecure in performance situations, and he was commissioned for coaching by communications agency Tekir. There was later a stir, for the procurement was not complied with Government procurement recommendations.

In Hämäläinen’s opinion, the case is a good and revealing example of how relevant presentation skills and speaking skills are.

“A lot of politicians make it clear that it doesn’t matter much and that matters. But that’s not the case. ”

Also Johanna Vuorelma signs the central role of rhetorical skills in politics. According to him, speech can affect the values, interests and views of voters.

Political scientist Johanna Vuorelma.

“Politics is a social influence that requires persuasion and persuasion. And it is done through speech. ”

According to him, speech is good if it is based on a strong knowledge base and appeals to emotions. In addition, the speaker must have sufficient credibility and charisma.

Particularly Hämäläinen highlights the good rhetorical successes Sanna Marinin (sd) last spring, when the government began holding briefings almost daily as the coronavirus pandemic spread.

Marin has a unique ability to address people, especially when she can speak out on a serious matter alone, Hämäläinen says.

“The prime minister may not be that good at interview situations, but he can do the trick in such appearances.”

According to Hämäläinen, Marini’s performance is impressive because it is a complete package: the body, eyes and mouth are included.

“And the thing has to come from within. When you read text written by someone else on paper, you quickly notice it. ”

Prime Minister Sanna Marin and Mika Salminen, Director of the Health Safety Department of the National Institute for Health and Welfare, in the Government’s interest rate information in August 2020. Many politicians and officials have had to appear in public several times a week during the interest rate crisis.

He also raises the hat for other ministers and officials who, during the Corona period, had to dig up self-hidden talents in order to get the heavy message across.

“The fantastic achievement was especially that the young decision-makers were able to address Finns over the age of 70 and convince them that it is worth staying home now,” says Hämäläinen.

“It was number one of the recent rhetorical tricks.”

For a long time As a journalist for the line, Hämäläinen has also remembered other successful speeches over the years.

For example, in 1992, the president Mauno Koivisto gave a speech at the opening of the parliament, in which he said that Finland was applying for membership in the European Union.

According to Hämäläinen, although Koivisto was not traditionally a “savage of large forces”, the President had an emotional charge behind him, which was conveyed in Parliament.

“He knew we were on the brink of a historic big deal here, and there was therefore a certain sensitivity in the speech.”

The mountain while highlighting US politicians in particular as good speakers, such as John F. Kennedyn and Barack Obaman.

According to him, they have had the ability to get people involved in their political projects and even turn people’s opinion on them on their heads.

“For example, the space agency NASA’s program was very much opposed at the time, but Kennedy eventually got almost the whole world convinced of it.”

In addition to politicians, rhetorical skills are also utilized by influencers such as climate activists Greta Thunbergby emotional speech at the UN climate summit provoked strong reactions.

“Thunberg’s speeches have gone down in history already at this stage and have mobilized large numbers of people,” Vuorelma says.

On Sunday When judging the rhetoric competition, Hämäläinen intends to pay special attention to argumentative skills and the creation of atmospheric stories.

“In politics, creating stories can be a bit difficult, but yes, there are always addictive stuff.”

Vuorelma, on the other hand, intends to focus on how well things can be crystallized in a short time, whether they are presented in a common sense and whether concrete solutions to problems are offered.

In addition, he observes the authors of good speech mentioned above, i.e., whether the candidate is in possession of the information, how this speaks to the audience on an emotional level, and whether this manages to perform in a credible manner.

“I think that debating skills should be taught in schools from an early age in schools. It is a completely different kind of skill, ”Vuorelma adds.

HS’s Virtual Electoral Market starts at at 3 p.m.



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