Municipal elections Juhana Vartiainen and Anni Sinnemäki, how do you feel now? Winner and loser of the mayoral fight in a live interview with HS at 8.30

HS journalist Veera Paananen interviews the duo.

What are fresh moods for the mayor on the way to the Coalition Juhana Vartiainen and the battle with the losing Greens Anni in Sinnemäki?

Supplier of HS Veera Paananen will interview the candidates live from 8.30am. You can also follow the events from the follow-up found under this story.

The Coalition Party became Helsinki’s largest party in the evening’s municipal elections. For Juhana Vartiainen, this means that the council will most likely elect him as mayor. The Greens lost three seats in the Helsinki Council, as the party’s success weakened from the last election.



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