Municipal elections In Järvenpää, the Basic Finns rose to the top three – “Opinions must be brought out but also listened to”, the former commissioner instructs

Co-operation across party lines is emphasized in municipal decision-making, the former municipal councilors in Järvenpää remind.

Solar In the shine on Järvenpää’s Sibeliuksenkatu, there is a good Swedish result from Sunday’s election results. A number of activists from the Järvenpää Coalition Party sit down for coffee and get excited when a journalist who has passed by accident asks them to tell about their election mood.

“Good moods. It seems that we have good opportunities for cooperation and consensus policy, ”he says Pekka Heikkinen.

Heikkinen served as a Coalition Commissioner during the current term, but was not a candidate in this election.

Cooperation and consensus are needed, as Järvenpää’s three largest parties, the SDP, the Coalition Party and the Basic Finns, are almost the same size. The co-operation between the SDP and the Coalition Party has a long tradition in Järvenpää, but the Basic Finns have never been so great in the city before.

Basic Finns became the second or third party in several medium-sized cities, such as Hyvinkää, Kotka and Kokkola.

It seems that the rise of basic Finns in medium-sized cities is based not so much on immigration issues familiar to the party as on locally important themes.

In Järvenpää The largest Finns in the city received the largest sound catch Jorma Piisinen. Piisinen became known for what was shown on MTV3 Every home’s housing market as a presenter of the program.

In his election campaign, Piisinen focused on the renovation of school and kindergarten buildings damaged by mold and moisture, ie traditional municipal election themes.

Many of Monday’s election analyzes already considered what kind of co-operation with other parties the Basic Finns are prepared for in the municipalities.

“To run their business, they need to work with others. Time will tell how it will succeed, ”said an election researcher, among others Sami Borg In an interview with Helsingin Sanomat.

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In Järvenpää there is confidence that co-operation between the different council groups will take place.

“When the two parties both have 11 seats and the basic Finns have 10, it is not worth it to start arguing terribly. I believe that Basic Finns are constructively involved in council work, ”says Heikkinen from Järvenpää.

“Cooperation in decision-making is really important. You have to express your own opinions, but you also have to listen to others. In the council, people do important work for the city, ”continues the person sitting at the next table Mehmet Alakas.

Alakas has also sat for a long time as a representative of the Coalition in Järvenpää’s council. He has not been a candidate anymore.

Eemeli Peltonen, 26, was the SDP’s rake in Järvenpää. Peltonen, who led the council during the past term, is confident that the various parties will find a common tone in the council.

The election in the aftermath, there seemed to be good conditions for co-operation. Järvepää’s sound rakes, Jorma Piisinen from basic Finns and Sdp Eemeli Peltonen, both spoke in favor of cooperation.

“In Järvenpää, there is usually a very common view on things. Now it is time to get acquainted with the council, because almost half of the delegates are new, ”says Peltonen, who met at Sibeliuksenkatu.

Peltonen, 26, served as chairman of Järvenpää City Council last season and also enjoys appreciation across party lines.

Piisinen from basic Finns also spoke about co-operation on election night.

“Let’s see if it could be screwed so it doesn’t [kuntaveron korotusta] would come. Hopefully, a co-operative council would be obtained and this could be decided together, ”Piisinen said in an interview election night.

Basic Finns The rise in Järvenpää is largely due to Piis. He collected almost a third of the votes of basic Finns.

In addition, Perussuomalaiset was actively featured in the Järvenpää street scene before the elections, says a member of the Sibeliuksenkatu coalition activists Kaj Nordström.

“Basic Finns had a very strong footing. They took over the space and actively campaigned. ”

It is important for Miia Railio and Pekka Malmi that the municipality takes care of the services of families with children, such as nearby schools and hobby opportunities. Elli Railio was also present for lunch.

Recipients when it comes to talking, it quickly becomes clear that, although there has been a vote, expectations are not very high for the next term.

“I’d say it’s exactly the same who leads, then nothing happens there,” says the person sitting down for lunch. Pekka Malmi.

“But the vote must be taken, of course, so that you can then appeal,” he continues.

In Malmi’s voting decision, the services of families with children, a local school and hobby opportunities had become important.

“Let’s see if anything comes from there.”

86-year-old Elvi Moisio hopes for improvements in health care services.

There are similar thoughts as well Elvi with Moisio, which meets on Sibelius Street. Moisio, 86, has lived in Järvenpää for almost 40 years.

“Similarly, that going is sure to continue. The same faces are there. But you don’t know yet what will come of it. ”

Moisio hopes for an improvement in health services in the coming council term.

“If you could get to the doctor, even on the phone. The medical work is stuck here. ”

Mia Merisalo from Tuusula (left) and Anna Holopainen from Hyvinkää had been following the election results in Central Uusimaa with excitement. “It was important to take care of the surroundings and nature, as well as the services of young people,” says Holopainen.

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