Municipal elections HS’s election studio followed the counting of municipal elections throughout the evening – see the best pieces of the broadcast

HS’s election studio closely followed the progress of the municipal election counting.

HS followed the progress of the 2021 municipal election count was closely monitored from 19:00 in the election studio.

The best pieces from HS’s election studio have been compiled for this story.

Parties the presidents anticipate the election of HS on election night even before the first advance votes are announced.

Basic Finns Jussi Halla-aho said the party aims for growth everywhere in Finland, both in the number of delegates and in the percentage of support.

Chairman and Prime Minister of the Social Democrats Sanna Marin hoped the national turnout would rise to over 60%. The SDP has traditionally benefited from a high turnout.

Chairman of the Coalition Party Petteri Orpo seemed confident before the first advance votes were announced.

Politicians in addition, the HS Election Studio was visited throughout the evening to interview political experts.

In an interview, Emilia Palonen, a researcher at the University of Helsinki, spoke about the “election embargo”.

Jan Vapaavuori (Coalition Party), the resigning mayor of Helsinki, also visited HS.

Chairman of the Coalition Parliamentary Group Kai Mykkänen told the studio about his thoughts on the election results in his hometown of Espoo.

Election studio followed the progress of Helsinki’s vote counting particularly closely. Juhana Vartiainen, the Coalition Party that led the mayoral race throughout the evening, did not yet dare to declare himself a winner when about half of the votes had been counted

Candidate for mayor of the Greens of Helsinki Anni Sinnemäki was disappointed after the party lost the victory battle in the capital.

The counting of votes was also closely monitored elsewhere in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

“Very good feelings,” described the chairman of Vantaa’s basic Finns Tomi Salin.

The election the final result began to take shape at the latest after Yle published its earnings forecast.

Chairman of the Movement Nyt Harry Harkimo was disappointed with the party’s vote catch in Helsinki.

Chairman of the Christian Democrats Sari Essayah described the party’s election results as polls.

The President of the NCB Anna-Maja Henriksson said he was pleased with the election result. The party’s support remained almost unchanged.

Chairman of the Left Alliance Li Andersson hoped the party’s support would rise to a better eight percent. When about 65 percent of the votes had been counted, this was not yet the case.

The Coalition Orphan finally dared to declare himself the winner of the election when he arrived for the last time tonight as a journalist for Helsingin Sanomat Marko Junkkarin and Ilta-Sanomat’s editor Timo Haapalan to be interviewed.

Sanna Marin, the second-placed SDP in the election, believed that the weight of government responsibility was visible in the party’s declining municipal election support.

At the end of the evening, we were able to see what the chairmen of the sdp, the basic Finns and the Coalition Party had to say to the members of their parties.

The Coalition Party’s Petteri Orpo’s victory speech can be viewed from the beginning of this story.

Sanna Marin, the Social Democrat, deplored the low turnout.

Jussi Halla-aho, a basic Finn, urged his candidates to sleep “overnight or for a couple” so that the comments would not be given to the media with emotion.



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