Municipal elections Helsinki’s central tunnel is waking up again – The future mayor and the Coalition’s rake are profitable, the majority of the council is close

Helsinki’s probable future mayor Juhana Vartiainen and the Coalition Party’s rake Elina Valtonen told HS on Monday that they supported a study that would map the construction costs of the central tunnel.

Helsinki the eternity project downtown tunnel may again be rising from the dead. Probable future mayor of Helsinki Juhana Vartiainen and the Coalition’s sound rake Elina Valtonen said on Monday to HS they supported a study that would map the cost of building a central tunnel.

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The central tunnel was dug during the last term of the council by a majority of the Greens, sdp and the left alliance. The topic sparked a lively public debate. MayorJan Vapaavuori (Kok) was deeply disappointed when the council refused to investigate the matter further.

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Last season, the Greens, the sdp and the Left Alliance were able to form a majority in the council together. This is no longer the case after Sunday’s election results.

The troika will get the council out of 85 seats 42. This means that if the Coalition gets behind all the other council groups, the majority of the council will be behind it in exploring the possibilities of building a central tunnel. The majority is also formed in such a way that some of the groups in question are divided into two camps.

HS called the leaders of the council groups of the future Helsinki council. The project receives significant support, but not yet absolute approval.

The Greens Chairman of the Board Group Reetta Vanhanen according to the tunnel has already been thoroughly explored.

“The central tunnel was already cleared during the last council term. The project does not make economic or climate sense,” Vanhanen says.

The Greens will have 18 seats in the new council.

Group leader of the Left Alliance Veronika Honkasalon the position is clear:

“We still agree. We do not support the downtown tunnel. ”

The Left Alliance has 11 seats in the new council.

Basic Finns Mika Raatikainen says the council group has not discussed the matter since the previous round. At that time, however, the Basic Finns were in favor of continuing the tunnel survey. Basic Finns won 9 seats in the election.

RKP team leader Björn Månsson says the RKP supports tunnel clearance “without a doubt”. The RKP has five seats on the new council.

Chairman of the Movement Nyt Harry Harkimo says the group has no position on the matter.

“We don’t have any opinion on that. We will be asked what the people of Helsinki think. We will not decide. ”

Movement Nyt’s philosophy involves conducting online referendums to seek policy guidelines. Movement Now has 3 seats in the new council.

Downtown head of the council group Terhi Peltokorpi says the issue needs to be discussed with the whole new delegation group, which also includes the deputy commissioners.

“It is said that at least in the past, we have been critical of this project. We have not opposed the investigation in principle, but then we should know that the new investigation will bring some new information. ”

The center will have two seats on the new council.

The HS did not reach the leaders of the sdp and the Christian Democrats to comment on the matter. The SDP opposed the follow-up to the Central Tunnel during this term. However, according to HS, there was also support within the group for further investigation.



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